What Could happen if you don’t clear your mind when using a pendulum for divination?

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What could happen if I dont stretch before exercising?

A big part of divination is getting into the right mindset, especially for beginners who havent practiced for too long. The thing is, if you are worried about going to the store later, what you are going to cook for dinner, mundane things, your answers wont be very clear and the energy flow is muddled. Sure you could get -something-, but you could also get something by waving the pendulum around yourself on purpose. All are responses, some are clearer than others, and others might be outright lies or delusion.

So take that moment, clear you thoughts, get into your groove and use your divination method of choice.

Your state of being colors your divination results.


This :100:! I can’t do readings if I am in a bad place emotionally and mentally.

Though you will learn to just clear your mind as done as you decide to do something.


Pardon my question here did you guys buy your pendulum or did you make it your self?
I was about to make one for my self ,but it never happened.
So my question is more is it ok to buy one our should you make one?

Buying one is fine. That is what most people do. It’s just easier and more convenient than making your own. Plus, you have options in shape, and length of chain, and material to choose from.

Buy it, cleanse it, consecrate it, and you’re good to go.


Your readings can be inaccurate and full of bias.

I bought all my tools. I don’t like using things that aren’t aesthetically pleasing to my eyes lol. So I buy it, cleanse it, then drown it in my own energy.


@anon48079295 ok that’s what I did with some of the altar Supplies . Then I got a copy Of Faust spiriti inaturalis and got to my head to make a ball and to make my own pendulum. Still haven’t made the ball and I bought that book 23 years ago lol . But great I buy one and forge it with a traditional cleansing and drown it with my own energy ! Thanks for the tips :pray:t4:

How do you cleanse and consecrate it? Can it be something you already have or had for a while?


The easiest method to cleanse a pendulum, is to let it sit in a bowl of salt for 24 hours. The salt will naturally ground out and remove any energies attached to it.

To consecrate it, you would then fill it with your own energy.


Sit on the street with a sign that reads: I’ll believe and obey the first person who communicates with me. Alternatively use a consecrated seal beneath your board and call in chosen entity. One way to speed contact with entities is to chant their name and/or enn either regularly or constantly prior to pendulum work.


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I cleanse my pendulum by grounding with it

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Thank you so much!

@DarkestKnight Great tips on consecrate and cleansing the pendulum. Could you use a let say star Rubin Crystal to empathize your one energy into the pendulum. Would you do that or would you use more traditional way

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