Topics related to divination, scrying, tarot, runes, bones, and more.

The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.


Hey fam, random question–are Ouija board encounters supposed to go in the divination section? Asked here because it was related to the overall topic of Divintation. I moved one post because it seemed like those posts, by nature are more related to contacting spirits/demons/entities and belonged in that category but wanted to confirm I wasn’t messing anything up.

(sorry @Purple I thought I hit reply to the main post, just saw I replied to you)

Ouija kind of fits in either, because it’s a method of divination that uses spirits, if the person is primarily seeking answers and using the board it’s probably more divinatory, whereas if they are using the board to make contact for a pact, or longer-term pathworking with a specific spirit, that would be more suitable for the “Spirits & Evocation” or other Categories, or if they’re contacting a deceased person known by name, maybe “Necromancy.” :+1:

There’s often a lot of overlap meaning that a topic could fit in several different Categories, but if you spot an obvious mis-Categorisation, it’s a good idea to move it.

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