Divination through people

Partly thanks to being bitten by a succubus and cultivation, I have learnt/developed the ability to extract information from the minds of others either about them or myself. In short, I’ve learnt how to interact with a person’s omniscience.

It is a perceptual and feminine ability. Everyone has this faculty and uses it daily without them realizing. This ability is stronger in women and is why women can sense intentions better than most men.

May be a cause/explanation for deja vu/synchronicity.

It is possible to read minds with this ability in real time.

May help you know if your rituals are successful.

However, there cons to this ability.

I have been and still am developing this ability for well over a year. Easily to learn, hard to master. The success rate improves only from practice and guess work at first.

The intermediate phase may drive you crazy as it brings the omniscience of others into your awareness. You become aware of how others use this ability to read yours and other’s minds, mainly what you have done in the time the person has not seen you. They also become aware of your awareness which gets really weird sometimes.

Those around you mainly use it to view your sexual secrets especially who and what you have done and bring them up in conversation. You may also become aware of when you have just divulged your darkest secret to another.

There is a spatial limitation to omniscience, you may only find out something if a person within your vicinity or a third party (conveyed to the person in your vicinity) has experienced an event.

Receiving information is dependent upon individual compliance. People will generally give up information, but extremely strong willed people, depending on the information, will remain silent (only way to withhold information.)

How the ability works.

I think its a super advanced version of cold reading. The senses combined (Yin) to create a coherent mental picture (Yang). A set amount of information is brought to the conscious level, this technique increases the amount of information (builds over time.) Smelling the body and therefore the hormonal and chemical changes. Reading body language and tonal changes. Mirror neurons also share changes in the CNS.

Tonal changes are very important to this ability as speech is the main channel for interpretation of information.

The ability:

Imagine there is a parallel line of communication to your discourse as though every word you use is part of or building toward a metaphor.

If someone stole something from you, you may ask that person:

(Mentally) Did you steal my food from the fridge?
(Verbally) Did anything interesting happen to today?

It is important that you shell your mental question in the verbal one as you would a metaphor.

In response, either:

(Mentally) [Yes,] I did take it and [it was nice.]
(Verbally) [Yes,] I took a nice long walk and [it was refreshing.]
(Mentally) [No,] I did not take it.
(Verbally) [No,] nothing happened.

The first word usually gives the most accurate response and positive responses are usually longer and more detailed. You must also pay close attention to the tonal changes and emphasis upon syllables. Repetition does not usually work as asking a second time may bring an inaccurate answer.

At first it may seem hard to even pick up, but it works with practice. Eventually, you will be able to follow conversation on two levels as multiple people may understand the same metaphor and even skip the verbal part, just thinking and receiving an answer.

Good luck and note that anyone who also knows this ability, does not have to answer you honestly.