Divination suggestions or just something less emotionally involved than tarot?

From my level of understanding you can’t fully trust the answers that you get from tarot sometimes especially if I’ve asked the same question before. I spent a year asking the same question over and over. How does my ex feel about me and what are his intentions toward me, I’m past that now and like 85% over him and don’t want him back but what would help seal the deal is knowing if the women he left me for is actually pregnant like she rudely told me she was. Also sent me this rude ass message I have never said anything mean or rude to this girl I guess she sent it cause apparently, I was trying to steal HER man and mess up HER relationship. LMAO girl the man is not and will never be yours she is a ugly(no I’m not being a hater she really is ugly) remedial(literally) crossed eyed women and me, yea i look good asf :sob::rofl: my ex is not ugly at all, he 6’4, muscular reads books exercises knows how to cook he’s only with her for her money but she to dumb to realize. I slashed three of his tires and she sent me a message letting me know she was going to pay it like it was no biggie to her. I bet if one you guys’ Partners had a crazy ex who stalked them for a year. You would probably try to talk to that person right? see what the deal was you wouldn’t believe whatever your partner was saying if the ex continued to stalk your partner and showed up at your apartment, how did I get the address? My ex purposely left his location on on Snapchat then turned it off eventually after making sure…Anyway she sent me this fucked up ass message:

“Bitch you got herpes and aids you mad because I don’t have that trying to come in my life on some weird shit tryna fuck my relationship your a real weirdo bitch with aids and herpes”

Yeaaa soo im tryna see if this bitch is actually pregnant cause if she is ima chill but if nooootttttt im finna fuck this bitch life up. (not really just wanna make her loose that job and have to look for another one, she can get a new job just want her and my ex to struggle together for a bit) MIND YOU SHE is the one who came in on MY 2 year relationship well not came in my ex let her in but you get what im sayin like bitch please.
I’ve been trying to go against the grain in regards to asking tarot questions that they recommend us not to ask they say tarot prefers for you to ask about yourself so that’s what I want to do going forward but I looking for a form of divination where I can get a straight forward answer no matter what I’m asking pretty much. I’m not the type to be asking questions about peoples secrets or some dumb shit I could care the fuck less it’s really just this particular question I wanna know, and just to have a different form of divination for future purposes. Thinking pendulums maybe but idk.

I saw a post On here that says something like doing multiple love spells can push your target into the arms of someone Else. And it’s like I understand why he’s with her she’s dumb gullible doesn’t ask important questions like why has your ex been stalking you for over a year(hmm maybe cause he’s lieing to you dumbass) has money. My ex is with her cause he can cheat in peace while having her pay most of the bills, and cause he’s insecure and doesn’t want to put in the effort it takes to bag a smart Beautiful woman who has things going for herself atm. I’m sure previous hex jars I did are aiding in his feelings of inadequacy(horray :smirk:) but Man does it suck being pretty smart, talented with so many things going for yourself getting left for a ugly cross eyed remedial bitch. Especially when we both agreeed we felt like we manifested each other. My tarot cards always confirm how strongly he feels about me but I’ve also gotten the devil up right and reversed and other not so favorable cards sometimes they’ll be in conjunction with super loving cards. That’s why I’m looking for a different form of divination cause I’m getting sick of these mixed unreliable answers from tarot.