Divination request

I would just like to know the following questions as I think they will help my progress.

  1. Who is my demon, guardian spirit etc
  2. How is my magical progression coming along? What do i need to work on. Any specific chakras etc
  3. Is there any entity trying to contact me? If so who, why and how can i contact them?
    Thank you so much for your time :blush:

Still haven’t found your patron entity?


I started in the beginning to find my guardian by learning to use the pendulum. When you got it down you put the name or sigil on a piece of paper and use your pendulum with yes and no answers and ask them if they are your guardian.
Don’t ask me how to use a pendulum. There is a ton of information out there to make yourself smart.
Have fun.


No sadly ;(. I suspect it’s leraje. As an entity appeared before me in the clouds. Looking like a woman with magnificent hair. I did ask leraje if he/she could appear in the clouds.

Do you own a ouija board? If you can channel the spirit into the planchette - or I could help you with that - that’s usually a way to get decent communication. I used to find that when there was information I was somehow struggling to get through the usual methods that I would get things through sideways via ouija.

I have some secret weapons that I generally don’t speak about and do not under any circumstances teach. So don’t think I’m at a loss to help you. I just really think you should learn to do as much as possible for yourself, and trust yourself. You are really good at verbal channeling when you let yourself relax and stop trying to figure things out. You’ve got to stop worrying about confirmation and “doing it right,” and trust yourself.


Sometimes when i channel i feel like a lot of it is coming from me :frowning:

Where else is it supposed to come from!?

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The entity that you’re channeling maybe?

Op, do you have a glass picture frame, some white printer paper and a sharpie or black spray paint?

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OP pm me, I could do the divination for you


Stop doubting yourself and go with it. The more you let go of the doubt the better you will be. Who do you THINK is your patron deity? What name is constantly popping into your head? I heard Asmodeus in my head like constantly for a couple days and then he came to me. It was like a chant in my head but I had not thought of him before. It just came there. Like popped in. It was him announcing himself before the visit. (That is just an example) There is a name that sticks out to you for some reason. You do not know why but it does. As far as your magickal progression I think you know that too. They will lead you to what you are supposed to be doing… You have to follow your gut and go with the impulses you ar egetting and believe me you are getting them. Ouu. I think I know who is directing you, but he says no do not tell him so…ou! I KNOW the lesson! I bet you do too. How do you contact them? Meditate. Get in the zone and you should see them or hear them. And no I was not being a snarky bitch. If he said tell him I would have. I mean I can always be wrong… but I am usually not so I can’t go doubting it but I always give that disclaimer. I am not perfect. Come on dude. You can do this! (feel the force Luke!)


I haven’t even tried. How would one go about that?