Divination regarding Working with Lucifer

Hey, all. I pulled some cards to get an idea of what life would be like should I choose to work with Lucifer to help strengthen my astral senses and spiritual abilities but I’m having a hard time reading for myself as I typically do.
Past-The Moon
Present-Five of Wands
Future-six of pents/eight of wands
Advice-page of swords
Outcome-four of cups/five of pents
From what I can tell, I would see some steady results but it wouldn’t be fulfilling? Page of swords as advice is kinda giving me a hard time too.

I’d appreciate any insights!


What I get out of it:

You have trouble trusting your senses. Maybe they’ve misled you in the past (Moon), so you’re struggling to open them up.

If you can frequently practice evocation and other exercises to help open your senses, you will quickly see results. If not, then your results will be lukewarm at best.

I see there being some real-life results if you put it into practice.


I’d like to answer, but I have no idea on how the tarot cards work. However, I do believe that you should summon him and ask him what the best plan of action is.

Other than that, I do suggest to people to work with Lucifer, since he’s an amazing and really helpful spirit!


Five of cups to me feels like a completion for absorbing information. The cups holding water, water being a liquid that store information very well. The moon, some say Lucifer is the offspring of Diana and another. The moon typically being associate with the mind and psychic abilities. I believe he would have you preforming work with the moon. 5 of wands this time feels like sending out your intention wielding the elements of magick with the moon in order to manifest the inner change. The 8 pointed star is the also known as the star of the Annunaki. The Annunaki are the bridge between Anu and KI, heaven and earth. The 8 pointed star, the star of Chaos, chaos magick, Astarte’s symbol, the “star” of Jupiter… All of this referring back to the old gods, Enki, and the such. You’d probably be incorporating the star of Babylon in with your working. Doing magick with heaven and Earth.
The advice is the page of swords, the dragon seems to be looking up. Again working with the planets. Hope this resonated.



Bro Your read is wrong. It’s giving off a wrong vibe altogether.

Here’s the real one:

✓Prince of Swords
Initial Success/Beginners Luck

✓ Chariot Reversed
Illusion of Backwards Development/Progress

✓ 6 Of Pentacles
WORK that prepares you for your Godform.

What this means
You will start out finding that your seses BEGIN to improve greatly especially your scrying abilities.

BUT Lucifer will begin to tear apart your senses In order to rebuild them. This means that for a period of weeks or months, your scrying and divination abilities will decline almost down to nothing.

(You could also pull the tower card here as well.)

This will result in deep work that goes beyond scrying that prepares you for ya Godform merging. You will learn to work with the Angelic and Demonic and be both just like Lucifer.

The underworld comes up here as well

Hero’s Journey
Baby Stage of Magic


I appreciate your input, and your reading. You did pull similar cards, chariot reversed could absolutely be read similarly to four of cups/five of pents. Though I was trying to avoid getting a reading from someone because they may be partial one way or another and I am really not attached to the idea of working with a being versus working alone.
Regardless of how the cards have fallen I do need to wait until after Mercury Retrograde but I may divine deeper into it/evoke Lucifer to ask some questions prior to making any pacts/contracts.
Regarding my cards, yeah I see potential for success and fine tuned senses would be very useful for many reasons so it is a tempting prospect, but being spiritually blind for a longer period of time is not an attractive idea considering I read tarot for side cash and rely on my intuition far too much in my day to day life. Definitely some benefits and drawbacks, and I need more insight into the drawbacks. On the other hand, the drawbacks would be temporary but I’d like to know how the drawbacks will affect me and how the outcome would affect my normal life, being extra sensitive and all. Just kinda spilling thoughts on paper here.
Thanks again, Micah!

Looking over your cards and regarding your outcome the five pentacles is not a great card indicating hardships both financial and emotional that will eventually pass.

The four of cups indicate opportunities thst are flowing to you and you are declining those options. To reach your goals don’t fear declining what may seem an easy solution that don’t allign with your beliefs or future.

You should create a space to accept better opportunities later for increased success. Use this time for reflection, grounding, and inner thought before attempting your next important set of goals. Not to sound to new age but put some intense thought into your next move otherwise you will have many set backs that you may not want to endure.

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Thank you!! Now, are you sure the five of pents would be financial lack? This is a strictly psychic endeavor and question after all, and clarifying four of cups it could be an illusory lacking due to my refusal to take the cup I’m being offered.

Yeah heavy setbacks are not my preferred way of learning. I like fast paced but I’m not looking to end up in the poor house. My goal for this year is to move out and live alone because I can’t stand my roommate anymore, and anything that will get in the way of that decision is just not gonna fly.

The more I read into this the less desirable it seems to be to me. I’m all for ascent but I don’t need a fast track or a shortcut, just a push in the right direction.

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Overall, my take is that the cards are giving you a warning not to proceed. Perhaps you should consider other options than Lucifer as his demands are many and with the potential destruction of abilities, even short term, 6 months or less, may not be worth it.

You like ‘fast paced’. Maybe that puts you at more of a knight of swords energy and the Page of Swords is asking you to take your time, pace yourself and learn.

You should know that your future isn’t concrete. As a Tarot reader myself, if you don’t like the possible outcome, what can you change about the way you are doing things now to improve the outcome? Ask the cards.

Also, you’re probably only seeing one phase in your future where you are going to be feeling the strain. I don’t see Pentacles as only about finances and material, but health and spirituality. Three of Pentacles to me is putting the work in - mind, body and soul - if that helps you gain a new perspective on that suit.

Anyway, four of cups and 5 of Pentacles, to me sounds like you are being given an offer, but maybe it’s not what you think you want or you’re not going to see it. You might find yourself feeling dissatisfied with your results.

Honestly, best thing you can do is ask the cards what you can do to achieve what you’re wanting. Love your cards btw

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I want to add in regards to my own experiences during my transformations, that there was a time where I was losing faith in everything I believed in. I found no joy in Tarot and Tarot is a passion of mine. 5 of Pentacles for me that! I got through it though.

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It led me here and I still have shit to go through, I know this. Not an easy path, but worth it. Do what’s best for you.

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This is excellent insight, thank you! I really ought to look into my other options rather than dive into some deep waters as a first resort. Sometimes I just get impatient and make hasty choices.

You’re welcome. I don’t see any harm in asking Lucifer himself what you need to work on using your cards. I just recently asked him in a reading for any messages for me.

Diving into deep waters could be your 6 of Pentacles and 8 of Wands - You giving a lot of energy with those two cards, physically and spiritually. Possibly pushing yourself too soon for the results that you want leaving you with your outcome. It could also mean that you will receive insights that you might not like.

It reminds me very much of when I started to become more aware of myself - my actions, thoughts, etc. You might see things within yourself that you don’t like and that’s a clear sign you are being guided, but it’s not easy.

5 of Wands- Are you easily distracted? I mean, for example you might be focused on learning one thing and whilst doing your research, another topic catches your attention and you’re then looking into that. I just wonder if this card is showing you being pulled in different directions?

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I tend to start something, see minor success, and move on when it comes to spiritual practices. As soon as I achieved lucid dreaming I stopped trying, stuff like that. I need more discipline.

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@GodlessEndeavor alas can’t can’t go into great detail but yes go for it.

Page of Swords is someone with the enthusiasm/eagerness of youth, doing an apprenticeship…

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Ok, I’ve felt a strong need to reply again to this thread after events over the last few days. I believe I have experienced a Four of Cups and Five of Pentacles time.

Shortly after evoking Lucifer, I have experienced an instant dislike from one of my service users (I’m a support worker for people with learning difficulties). I’ve worked with her on and off for almost a year now with no real issues. She has a history of being incredibly vile and violent, but has never been with me. I had even asked Lucifer to help me help her one day on shift and within a couple of hours of doing so, she hated me.

I had a terrible shift with her and a shift is 24 hours. I went home that morning feeling emotional, drained and frustrated. I started doubting that I was doing the right thing- working with Lucifer. You read how your life can get turned upside down and I thought - yep, here we go. I thought ‘What am I doing? This isn’t how things are supposed to go. This path feels right, I feel called, but is it?’

Then thoughts started coming into my head. One that I remember clearly was saying to myself - Don’t blame Lucifer for your failures. I couldn’t think of how I failed though, but I did let her get to me. Later that night at home I experienced synchronicities that led me to looking into shielding myself properly. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, but it’s not something I’ve taken very seriously- my own failure.

The day of my next shift, I drew my daily cards and received- Three of Pentacles, Eight of Swords, Knight of Pentacles and overall energy King of Swords. As soon as I saw the Eight of Swords, I thought - oh I need to shield myself. I know the traditional meaning but sometimes it’s the imagery that speaks. I was using the Gilded Tarot.

I had the worst day ever. Spent nearly 4 hours locked away in the staff room whilst she screamed profanities at me, pounding on the door and screamed out the windows that I was a prostitute and shouted at men to come up to have sex with me.

I focused on my shield three times during the day and it kept me safe. I’m not even joking. I was in that staff room just like…ok, whatever. She’s not hurting me, she’s only hurting herself. When it all ended, I was able to be there for her in the ways that I’m supposed to be. I took nothing personally, but I also wasn’t going to let her behaviour go unnoticed. We talked. I let her know that it was safe to talk to me. She complained about how things went that day and I reminded her that it was a result of her own actions.

Many staff refuse to work with her and the staff that do are absolutely drained. I put up my shield before she woke this morning, have finished my shift and I’m feeling great. I actually found it a bit amusing. I can laugh about it.

So, I guess I’m just trying to say, in a very long winded way, if you experience hardship on your way, pay attention to the messages that will no doubt be trying to come your way. For me, I was ignoring probably the most fundamental part of protecting myself- shielding. Tut tut to me. Everything that happens should really be in place to make you stronger/put you on the better path.


Wow, that is a really powerful experience and I’m glad you came back to share that with me. It sounds like four of cups five of pents would be tests that make me remember the basics and take care of myself first. Shielding. I forget to do that a lot too.
Once Mercury comes out of retrograde I will do some divination on it once again and see what it says, and try to get some more in depth answers. Thank you!