Divination ideas

First id like to say i love all you guys who have helped me over the last few months it is truly appreciated for those who have done rituals or workings for me

I need divination direction. Everything else tbh ive got down to practice; evocation,angels demons, voudan , the lwa, but divination was last on the list.

I havent practiced enough nor do i know where the 1st base is on divination.

@In_Between_Worlds a big hug and shout out to you my brother. We will talk more soon. What you have done for me in our callaborations means worlds of influence and power to me

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Bro get some Tarot cards or scry for the answer, but Tarot is my go-to. And we’ll have that skype chat tomorrow

Sounds good. Skype should be under the info i gave you in pm