Divination for Beginners

As I’ve mentioned like 100000x before, I’m very new to magick, spellcasting and basically everything but I love learning. And because I know it’s really hard to find good resources that are accurate, I came to this forum. Even then, though, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for all piled up into one thread. So, in this thread, I’m going to be talking and telling you guys what I’ve learned and how to adapt it to yourself during this quarantine. Let’s do this!

So, I’ve been wanting to work with demons for a while now, but I’m just not spiritually or practically there quite yet. But from what I’ve read on these forums, it is recommended to start with divinations, Okay, issue number 2, I’m a 19 year old who attends university, I’m basically broke! I can’t go out and buy stuff (which is actually the main reason I got into learning magic, a lot of spellcasters are so expensive!). So what if I could make stuff at home, DIY style, until I got enough money to get the proper equipment? Well… it work.

Let’s talk pendulums for a second, because that’s the on I’m most comfortable with at the moment. I can’t go out to buy one so I made my own. Generally, you need to make something that is even on all sides, but for a quick ‘right-now’ answer, get a ring!

  • Get a necklace chain
  • Get a ring
    Place the ring through the necklace chain
  • Hold the chain from the boob (the clasp is called a boob)
  • Wait for the ring to steady
  • Ask your YES or NO question.

Pendulums have been used by so many people, mainly women and here’s why. Midwives or very superstitious mothers/grandmothers actually used pendulums to tell if the baby inside the mother was a male or female. These were people who didn’t believe in magic and yet, they were unintentionally performing it. Here’s how a pendulum answers.

back and forth YES
Side to side NO
Going in a circle Unknown or Uncertain

Okay, obviously, you have to make sure your hand is steady. Here’s how I found out it worked.

I asked this question: "Is ____ thinking of me? The answer was no
Directly after, as it was still going side to side, I asked this "Will he ever love me? and it immediately started going back and forth. I did nothing, th chain was stable, the ring was moving.

Try it out for yourself! It helps if you are in a calm and non-bias state where you actually want to know the answer and not just have a reflection of what you want to hear being portrayed back at you. Concentrate on the specific yes or no question. It helps to ask the question outloud too. It’s very fun.


“hold the chain from the boob” lol for some secs i was like ‘wtf?’ be careful with ur words lol

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I had to clarify that that was actually what the clasp is called. Sorry I was trying to make it as accurate as possible. But I completely understand, when I first heard the word myself, I was taken aback too.


Nah no need for sorry i said it with jokey voice
Idk if dis “jokey” word even exists lol

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You mean Bob? Lol


Whenever I ask a question, I first ask my pendulum that if it’s ready .

Then by speaking it aloud, I program it by saying if the answer is yes, move in Clockwise direction and for the answer no, move in anticlockwise direction and if it’s unsure then move to and fro or sideways.


idk! Im confused now! I searched bob it showed “bank of boabo” (i forgot the spelling ^^’) then seach for boob it showed “stupid or folish person” im confused T-T


This is similar to what I experience. A clockwise circle is yes, an distinct oval means unsure, and side-to-side is no, just like shaking your head.


The clockwise and counter-clockwise motion is mostly for if a pendulum is even on all sides. When you have a ring, it’s not. so it might answer differently but that’s good to know!

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I… won’t… make… a… cheap… joke…

There. I pulled it off. No cheap joke. Did I win anything?! :smiley:

All jokes aside, thanks for the thread. I’m trying to get into divination myself and this is very informative.


I know what it sounds like! :rofl: You are more than welcome to make a cheap joke I actually find them funny because I understand where it’s coming from.

Thanks, atea for that skills ama try it out

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