Divination course reviews?

Hi friends. I am seriously considering the mastering divination course, but would like to hear some of your reviews first! did this work for you? where are you now compared to when you began?

i look forward to hearing from you!

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Ofcourse it works, but will not if you don’t believe in it.

As for progress, I’ll leave it to those who focused and focus on divination. They can speak of more wonders than I can.

It was a massive help for me and I’m 100% glad I did the course.

I have had some amazing successes in my communications with spirits and have even channelled once now also which was cool.

I still need to work on it though, it takes time and practice (and above all belief!).

I would say give it a go and see how you get on. If you don’t get on with it for can request a refund within the first 7 days I think(?)

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The Mastering Divination Course was the catalyst that began the process of development of my clairvoyance.

It was absolutely amazing for me. At first I didnt take it very seriously since the only divination practice I knew of was the pendulum dowsing. But As I progressed through the courses my claircognizense abilities and spirit communication fired up to the skies!!! I recommend it ^^
To get results you need to work on it, but as soon as you let yourself go and follow simply the instructions given you’ll see wonders!