Dissuade sex

my eventual boyfriend is obsessed with sex. he calls himself a nymphomaniac. which is fine i don’t have a problem with that. but he likes to have sex with several different people. even when we dated he would talk about wanting to have threesomes and whatnot. what’s a way to keep him from not wanting sex from anyone but me? (besides the obsession jar)


AFAIK there are a group of rites called egiliots. I am not sure how to translate this or may be the word doesn’t need translation. They are very brutal and with participation of a dead man with the same name. It is possible to create health issues in the victim. I only know one that has a male and female version. The idea (in general) is the person to get pleasure only from sex with you. From my point of view, to do such a thing to a person, you have to hate it.

Try to evoke Dantalion or the south wind brothers of evoking eternity …

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I’m a little confused. I have to hate the sex?

You can’t prevent a horny young man from having sex its just biology. Blame mother nature for her design but you can summon some Goetia sex demons and decrease his sex drive. While it won’t completely go away it will decrease.

Are you stilling dating or is he an ex. Because if he is an ex best to move on to another dude who can keep it in his pants.


Call Beleth.

He is most know by improving sexuality on others but he also decreases sex drive and turns it on a gentler and warm love. Also, he can work on directing all his lust and sex drive towards you.

Beleth will do the job.

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No. My English is broken. I mean the guy.
The idea is because he will not receive pleasure from sex with others in the end he will be forced to return back to you if he is ex and to have sex only with you. Otherwise he wouldn’t be happy. On women victims it works as blocking the pleasure. On male victims (I am not sure) it probably blocks even the erection to others.

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All realities exist: those you seem to prefer and those you seem to wish to avoid. They are all living, fully self-sustaining aspects of your very own Self. If you see it out there you can be sure it is in you.

Yes, it is possible to structure your consciousness such that you experience your boyfriend to want only you. However, please note that all restriction is temporary because all things are temporary and nothing is truly restricted. Also, be sure that as you restrict this seeming other, i.e. your boyfriend, you also open yourself to the same restriction specifically and in a general sense because, in the final analysis, there is only one consciousness that is your True Self.

I would suggest seeking out another person who’s illusory values appear to be more aligned to your own.