Dispose of Santa Muerte Statue?

I accidentally knocked over one of my Santa Muerte statues. I explained to her that it was an accident. I don’t feel right about gluing her back together, so I have decided to buy a new one. When I buy her a new statue, what should I do with the old statue?


You already done what you are supposed to do, speak and explain.
Maybe you can cover it with a white piece of fabric, before disposing of it


She doesn’t care if it’s broken. Actually, if you carefully piece it together and restore it at the best of your abilities, she will probably like it even more. Your connection with Santa Muerte might actually get stronger.


I pieced back together her hand and scythe. There is still a small hole on the side of the base (many of the pieces became powdery). I like your idea of restoring the statue. Maybe I could do something creative with the space, since it exposed the inside of the statue.