Dismissing A Spirit

Would you share with me how you dismiss a spirit after you have evoked them?

What do you do? What do you say?

“Go in peace, let there be peace between us, and come swiftly when I call you next.”

I only dismiss the lesser spirits by simply stating “you are dismissed” follow by a thank you. For higher ranking spirits such as demonic kings, I do not dismiss them like that. I let them know when I am done and they are free to leave whenever they please. It’s a respect thing, and besides, they won’t hang around for too long anyway because they usually go out and get started on whatever you asked them for right away.

I tend not to dismiss spirits anymore, except in necromantic operations. Then it follows a similar format to grandchemin’s.
Most of the time I’m working with spirits I’ve already established as part of my court with their own statues and altars, so I usually just thank them for listening and say that I’m ending communication/session.

Does anyone know the best way to dismiss a succubus? I’m pretty new to all this and I don’t want to completely banish her or anything but I sense her energy all the time and when I focus on it she begins to take form.

I haven’t learnt how to communicate with her properly yet and I am yet to find out her name.

I thanked her for her time with me last night and said that she is free to leave but she’s still here. I don’t mind too much really but it is a bit distracting and it would be nicer to establish a time when she can be around and when to leave.

Any advice?

It’s unlikely she will leave. Just because you can’t hear her, doesn’t mean she can’t hear you. She can. Lay down some ground rules with her. Let her know you need some space sometimes. Talk to her as if she’s there (because she is) and as if she can hear you (because she can). And lay off of the psychedelics for a while. They probably aren’t helpful at this point.


I spoke out loud some ground rules this morning but as far as I’m aware I didn’t receive a reply.

Yes, I agree and feel I need to learn a lot more about spirits before using them.

Some spirits appear for a reason, and intimate spirits of the likes of “succubus” seems to be with their partners years before they manifest. Sometimes as a guardian or a familiar when a child is born. As long as the person is unaware of their presence, they act passively, getting to know how we work and function as an individual.

When you start to acknowledge their presence, they go from passive to active and pretty much adjust to the situation you created. That often means that they digged deep into your mind to either challenge your darker nature or your deepest cravings of lust. The darker aspect is there for a reason, and you can grow strong from that experience. The intimacy can also been seen as a part of bonding with her. It’s not just a physical experience, but it is also were two spirits and souls are interacting with eachother. If you put an orange and an apple in a blender, they become “fused” into a different flavor. The intimate interaction of two spirits and souls can be pretty similar.

I think she stays because she’s always been with you and you will feel her presence since you welcomed her to be active in your life. Where else would she go, if not being by your side?

I think the best way, in my opinion, is to treat it as if it is another person. “Ok, I’ll see you later.” Just as you meet a person for the first time you want to be polite and respectful and as the relationship grows it becomes more informal, and when you meet royalty for the first time would be a lot like meeting royalty in the person. Imagine if you summoned the queen of England and she showed up at your house in a limousine with an entire entourage, knocked on the door and said “Hello my dear, you called me and I flew all the way from Buckingham palace on a Tuesday for a complete stranger, there better well be, a bloody damn good reason!”

That’s interesting. I was unaware that spirits looked over you from when you are born. If she manifests quite visibly in the room with other people I’m with see (or notice) her also?

That makes sense, I don’t know much about spirits at the moment and thought she may have been more like one that people summon and then dismiss.

Haha I see, I’ll start talking a bit more formally to her and start treating her like royalty from now on then.

Would these types of entities ever cause harm to myself or anyone around me?

This isn’t something I’ve come up with from thin air, and many other bloggers have got the same answers from their “succubus” companion that they have been with them for several years prior the evocation.

I never experience a visible manifestation when others been in the same room, but even if they do that, others shouldn’t see them. But, there might be others with ability to see spirits among us, so there is always that to think about.

That makes sense, I don't know much about spirits at the moment and thought she may have been more like one that people summon and then dismiss.

Like a striptease session? :wink: Some spirits might do that, but others are very serious with their presence.

Would these types of entities ever cause harm to myself or anyone around me?

I think alot of magicians underestimate these kind of spirits and entities and see them as something “lesser”, but also as something that’s nearly “impossible” to banish without someone getting serious hurt. There is always a reason, a story behind the reason of attachment. It doesn’t have to mean that these kind of entities are “created” to be in a relationship with humans, but more of making a choice and commit to that choice either passively or actively.

They can be pretty dark, aggressive, predatory and dominant. If they chose that path. That means they can be all things above to protect their love interest. But there is a whole lot of work to experience their darker sides and they have to dig deep and plant the “seed”, or else it wont manifest. These kind of things doesn’t happen in an instant.

There is always a chance that you will experience their darker sides, but that doesn’t mean they came to harm you. There is comfort there, too. Always thread lightly and be honest with them, and show respect and trust.