Disintegrating a dragon


What would be the most effective methods of disintegrating a dragon :dragon:?

Usually a water being would be affect negatively by fire and vice versa. The dragon on the other hand is water and fire.


Ps: does the dragon have natural enemies?

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Of course dragons have a natural predator

(Yes, I had to do it)


Very sorry, but I can’t view the link. Can you please explain to me briefly who the natural enemies of dragons are?

what the fuck is this?

ignorance is enemy of dragon

and EA and marduk :DDDDDD

I am fighting every urge I my body right now telling me to be sarcastic and just ask you this: Why do you even ask this question?


The Dragonborn from Skyrim. It was a joke.

I have draconic parasites. I want them out and make the environment as uncomfortable for them as possible.

I can assure you that if you have astral parasites they are not draconic. Take a ritual bath, two aspirin, and sleep it off.

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Let just say that with working I am doing, it is definitely draconic

Check out Enoch Petrucelly

The Book of Soul Retrieval on Amazon

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Thank you :pray: for your willingness to help.

There are dragons of every physical and nonphysical elemental energy, and I can assure you the only parasitic dragons you’ll ever meet are ones that are thoughtforms that need to leech to stay alive. Actual dragons, at least the non-feral ones are prideful beings who you’ll not see a reason for them to leech off a human.

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I don’t appreciate the passive agressive agression neither do I appreciate what you are insinuating by your words about being monitoring.

Let’s be civil and mature.

No worries, I noticed he’s kinda like that in most of his posts. Just like disregard it if I were you. Just treat it like something oblivious.

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Thanks for the heads up