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This is making me go crazy. There is so much contradiction when it comes to offerings. There was this Petition spell thread created by our beloved DarkestKnight. He said that one could write a petition to any spirit and offerings aren’t necessary. He also mentioned that he only gives offerings to the spirits he wants to build a relationship with. But according to my research, offerings are extremely necessary. They are basically payments. Better the offerings better the results. For example King Belial is very much offerings oriented. What’s going on here? So much contradiction.

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No, offerings are never necessary, unless you are working within a system in which they are a major component.

Demonolatry is a religious practice in which offerings figure quite prominently.

Traditional grimoire magick, such as the Key of Solomon, says offerings are necessary to placate the spirits so they won’t make trouble.

In Voudon, offerings for the LWA are mandatory or they won’t work for you, or they will turn upon you.

In Demons of Magick, Gordon Winterfield states offerings are optional and are a gift to the spirit as a sign of your benevolent authority, not payment for a task.

It is all system specific. I do not work within a religious paradigm. I work primarily from EA’s system, and he never mentions offerings in his books.

Edit to add: Petition spells are meant to be simple. That’s why no offerings are needed or mentioned. However, offerings can be utilised with a petition if one prefers. For example, if you have an altar dedicated to the spirit you are petitioning, you can place the petition and an offering there.

I hope that helps!


One thing to always keep in mind is that YOU are the one in charge. You are the one who chooses to give offerings or not. They are NEVER mandatory (unless, as stated above, you are working from a religious based system).

Do not think that you always need to give offerings to get something because that way of thinking leaves you open to spirits taking advantage of you, and as much as people on this forum love their demons, they are not above doing so when they can get something.

I have worked with most of the big names mentioned on this forum including Belial, King Paimon, and Azazel, without giving offerings. Some spirits have requested things from me, but it was never a demand, or a payment, more like "hey, that cider you’re drinking looks good, give me some (that was Belial) or “next time you call, bring some wine” (that was Lilith).


Oh. I had no idea. Thank you so much.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

As long as you remember that it is always your choice to give offerings or not, you can’t go wrong.

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Yes to all of the above. It all depends on the system and the magician. Personally I can not ask for something without giving something in return. It just feels rude. But that is simply my personal practice, not a rule everyone needs to follow.


I agree with everything stated so far. Offerings are meant to be a form of sincere gratitude. If you’re not sincere about it there’s no point in giving it.

I personally give offerings but as a form of gratitude not as payment. So my petitioning and my offerings may not be at the same time (although sometimes they are) sometimes I ask for something and sometimes I just make an offering

It’s really up to you


I read something yesterday where the person offered an unpublished book as an offering (he burned it). This has inspired me to write a short poem for the next Spirit that I am planning to work with. I’m going to write it by hand, as beautiful as I can and burn it the first time I’ll call him. In following sessions I will recite it from memory as a personal ‘greeting’.