Discussing States & Gun Control

I’m not offended in any way you don’t need to worry about that .

We’re simply having an intellectual conversation over a popular topic, that has nothing to do with my feelings :slight_smile:

Listen this forum is not meant for this, so I will end it here.

But always understand, no matter what restrictions there are humans will err and they will defy the law. They are not everyone though and punishing the law abiding isn’t fair.


The point of this is that it’s a debate and we go out of it with a better understanding than we did going in :slight_smile:

Most of those were suicides. there’s really only been 4 school shootings and one of them was stopped by a on campus cop in maryland.


I appreciate your standpoint, thanks for engaging in a civil conversation :+1:t4:


January 20: Winston Salem, North Carolina

A Winston-Salem State University football player, Najee Ali Baker, was shot to death at a party on the campus of Wake Forest University.

January 22: Italy, Texas

A 15-year-old student was wounded in a shooting at a high school in Italy, Texas, authorities said. The suspect, also 15, was quickly apprehended.

January 23: Benton, Kentucky

A 15-year-old student shot 16 people – killing two other 15-year-olds – at Marshall County High School, authorities said. The student faces two charges of murder and 12 counts of first degree assault.

January 31: Philadelphia

A fight led to a shooting in the parking lot of Lincoln High School, fatally wounding a 32-year-old man.

February 9: Nashville

A high school student was shot five times in the parking lot of Pearl-Cohn High School.

February 27: Norfolk, Virginia

A student at Norfolk State University was shot from an adjacent dorm room while he was doing homework

March 7: Jackson, Mississippi

A student was shot inside a dormitory at Jackson State University

There’s more if you would like me to bring the rest of those up too

Really? Could you show me where you came upon that piece of information

Again genuinely curious about the demographics of said incidents


We could just follow the UK’s example and graduate to acid attacks if the activists succeed in banning certain or all guns, and later knives, because that became an issue too.

I really tried not to contribute to this thread derail but it was so bequiling. I don’t live in Cali though. I’m all the way on the other coast.


Don’t forget the mass killings by trucks of peace - now that’s entered the mass consciousness, it’s going to catch on in other cases as well, I think this was probably influenced by that for example:


i agree with you on that. as a gun enthusiast i’m not happy about much of the people here. but still, it’s a nice place. and much of the economy. if not most of it.

yha but that number includes drug deals gone wrong in the schools parking at 2 in the morning and a possibly drunk teacher accidently shooting the ceiling. it’s not a good representation of the problem.