Discussing States & Gun Control

As a general rule of thumb, I pretend California doesn’t exist so it can’t influence the rest of the world any more than it already has…


why? what’s wrong with it?

I just don’t like how one state can control all of the media in the country… and how it’s regressive influence damages society as a whole…

In short, the state is a raging dumpster fire, and I’d rather it not turn the rest of the country into more of the same.


so your talking about politics?

Morso about the ideologies that make someone cry racism/sexism/whatever simply for not agreeing with them.

My biggest problem with California is the whole ‘special snowflake’ mentality that they have, as if they are superior because they are ‘progressive’ even though their ‘progressive’ ideals wrap around and become regressive. I’m talking the kind of people who get upset if you so much as mention the word ‘Trump’.

Also, the AR in AR-15 stands for Armalite Rifle, not assault rifle.


Ah California the land of ivory towers and authoritarian “liberals”
(at least in the south)

The word California has etymological ties to Caliphate.


I agree i dont like the politics nor do i care for the racism ideals but as a true note to your statement it is one of the most expensive places to live i mean in montana you can get a 3 bedroom house for 20,000 dollars in california that number is calculated to estimate your rent (anywhere from 750-1200)


Nor-Cal isn’t that bad.

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It’s not the name of the gun that matters but what it can do

My uncle worked in the military and he had to train before he got access to those same weapons. On the field he would check in the weapon in the morning and bring it back to base after training. If someone’s rifle ever got missing they shit down the whole base till they found it.

So why do civilians, some who have no idea the training that military service men are required to do to even have access to those guns.

They can get it off through off market purchases without so much as a background check.

Someone in my town left said AR 15 outside the parking lot of a gun shop and later rolled by and said they had simply forgot it there.

You can argue that for other states as well. Is Colorado a special snowflake for being able to legalize recreational marijuana at the detriment (people from other states smuggling marijuana from colorado to places that are not legal?) of the other states around it ?

( just being the devils advocate for California, they can be special snowflakes, but so do other states too )

There’s a reason why massive gun violence is an American problem and till we stop pointing fingers and finding dodgy excuses nothing is ever going to get done.

Military is strict about all firearms and will take same precautions for all.

Background checks are mandatory everywhere by law.

Someone who is reckless is a different story.

People cause violence not tools.

I served in USMC, long time gun owner and I volunteer to educate the community on firearms.

Please, get the facts first. The news is very dishonest about firearms.


Side note in the military all firearms are property of The American government not the individual soldier, marine, airmen, or seamen. Hence the strict policy.

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So how do we remedy that story ?

I’m not calling for stricter gun laws or a ban on guns or a repeal of the 2nd amendment, I simply want a solution to the problem that at this point none is forthcoming.

It’s only being bounced off from the left and right.

There is no problem, gun violence is at a 50 year low and there are more guns in that hands of people than ever before.


That applies to first hand buying from a gun shop, someone who legally owns a gun can sell it off to a second hand buyer in his backyard without asking for a background check

You’re asking to regulate the human condition by asking for reform.

Humans make mistakes small and BIG.


That’s also illegal, it needs to go through the proper chains which includes a background check.


I am not saying these things to be rude to you.

I only want you to know the truth.

The truth is guns are so intensely regulated by law already, if you think it, it may already be done.

There will always be people who break the law though.


Already this year alone there’s been at least 17 shootings in schools which have long been held to be a safe haven for children to go and earn an education.

It still happens though and is there anything stopping them from not following this pattern