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The crosswold
Today i was thinking about sharing one of my astral travaling experiences of learning and finding out about the crossword. The crossword is a world before one gets to what they call the cross roads or the point between realms. In this world is wear time drops off from our psychical plane, here there is much of history that has been lost or destroyed whithin the aspects of time, but that is not all you will find there. Raw and pure primal energy resides here that one can draw within yourself, ancient kingdoms that lost remain fully intact there as if time has never touched them but there are no people there. When one is in a certain kingdom for some time you will see visions around you of how things were at that time and how it was. These lost places of our time were reconstructed here in this world with there recordings of its own time in it,and draw power from there places of worship there if you work with a deity or god or goddess of there time period. However this does require a certain process to go threw and i shall show you how this can be done. 1. Research a specific place or past timeline or a god or goddess that you are interested in. 2. Get in a meditative state clear all thoughts out and focus your intention on what your looking for. 3. Picture yourself floating in thick blue cloudes till you see a bright blue light that comes to an opening in the cloudes that is as far and wide as the eye can see. In the far distance ahead you see a giant large marbled doorway that leads to the crossword or the other term border between realms. Stop in the center if the opening look down and you will see a large long wide river that it looks like a thick waters of silver smoke that has buildings and trinkets of all sorts fall down as if like the end if a large waterfall going in a blackhole. Above the hole you see a black marbled door with golden trim. 4. Image a gold light projecting out of your third eye into the center of the door the door opens and you start to fall in the door entrance when you go in it its like your going threw a wormhole. Here on out all i can say now is explore remember to keep your mind relaxed and have your mind open the world is vast and rich with history and knowledge and lost ancient relics and places of worship that have raw and powerful primal energy within them. When you become used to traveling there the world can be a powerful focal point for ones travals or can make for a place for ones astral temple to reside in and this world has a powerful connection to our relm and the time space continum . Time that has been lost and we have a way to access that lost time and ancient power. If you like share your story’s here.

Thats an asome read and intrasting to hear cause lilith is the one the showed me how and yah you do need to be in a deep trance like state im still working on it myself but it helps you find the answers you look for but it can be strenuous on the mind and body cause the the knowledge is limitless so remember to pull out.

Thank you for sharing this. It is interesting

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