Discovering new entities to evoke



I think this is a topic rarely discussed in most occult forums:

I have seen in a few books some entities that have never appeared before in any classical grimoire. For example, Konstantinos mentions Mepsitahl, Vimarone and some others that I have never seen in other place. Also, E.A. gave us 56 new entities in KoF. He even gave us some others in EE.

I almost forget about the 33 demons of BOA :slight_smile:

I want to begin here a discussion on the possible methods to discover new entities. For example, can we use soul travel to discover new entities? Or can we just evoke a very powerful entity so it can give us the name of much more powerful ones? (I think E.A. did something like this with Azazel. Not sure, I don’t have a copy of the BOA )

Let’s write about it! This topic is quite intriguing for me!!


It the same fashion, that is what Mark Alan Smith did in his 3 books. He got a lot of fire from established practitioners as they were saying he was 'going out on his own"rather than use established goetia spirits. Of course he leans toward the chaos end.



I’ve run into some new entities scrying and in astral travel. If you get into either this it’s like asking if you have met someone that no one has written about because there is alot of them out there.


Soul travel is the best way I’ve found


I try to ask the monkey entity who is around me his name but I keep getting something that sounds kind of odd and I have a feeling that somethings lost in translation or he may also be goofing around as I’ve gotten about five different odd sounding names from him.

He is trying to teach me some cool move to use in astral combat, he calls it segregation, from what I can tell its a ball of energy, somehow you send it into your opponent and then it blows up and scatters their energy, that’s just a general idea as he implied I needed to get better at communication before he could properly convey it.

He’s pretty strong too, he could fight evenly with my astral body and not very many entities can do that.


Being able to shapeshift and turn invisible will help with astral combat. Can’t remember which entity taught me how to turn invisible but I know it was in summoning spirits.


You know I’ve been thinking about how segregation might actually work, as I was going over it, it occurred to me this might not be an exclusively astral move, it could be used in the physical world too, possibly with deadly results.

What’s discussed here seems like the obvious way to deliver it

And if say I were to channel the energy from the demonic dagger intot he ball of energy being delivered…well I can’t imagine that it would be very nice for the fellow on the receiving end having that zapped into his brain. Of course I don’t know which specific areas DKM was speaking of so maybe it isn’t as effective as it could be with that knowldege. But even so the energy from that dagger is supposed to be able to kill those it cuts if they are not the owner so maybe that wouldn’t even be nessecery if that were used. Of course I don’t have anyone I would really want to use this on right now but its an interesting idea for a possibly deadly attack.


I think E.A. discovered KoF entities this way.


I had one come to me appeared as a deamons head inside a wheel said his name was Maa Ka baa. Idk what to make of it


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VD THANKS!! I am checking it out :wink: