Discipline of magic

Hi everyone, I am new to magic.
It’s been 6 months into spirituality, I am having lot of different experiences but still didn’t reached my goals.
Is there any set of discipline which we have to follow?
Like diet, positive frame of mind, storing sexual energy and driving it into higher purpose.
Of course meditation is key factor I know.thatswhy I am meditating 2 and half hours per day.

I would like to hear your feedback from you, which you are following are seemed to be effective.

Meditating daily and trying to make sure I always get a good night’s rest is my only discipline.


Although I have this problem myself, a while ago I was going to post the following:
“I deal with failure by operating towards personal goals not for themselves but as magical experiments and training. Or: I work on my skills; change system/approach; I study Magic to improve my knowledge”

…And indeed, the parts about sexual energy and positive frame of mind have their importance. About the latter, I’m reading and trying to apply what’s in “The science of being great” by Wallace Wattles, I thank Lady Eva for having linked it (and other ebooks) in some messages http://www.theangelwhispers.org/beinggreat.pdf :wink::ok_hand:

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@fapa79, thanks for your help
I have started to feel the energy has been elevated, but I do know for sure, from this level of energy I can’t reach my goals.

I thought to equate the equation there must be discipline which I m missing.

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What are your goals?

Telepathy, clairvoyant, remote viewing and opening third chakra

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My friend did nothing but daily Meditation and yoga for a year and a half to open his senses. It just takes time.

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I do meditation regularly but what kind of yoga I have to do?

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Do you know any techniques about that?

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I’ll ask.

Thank you

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Does smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco affects the results?

With Spells? No. Meditations? If you’re craving a cigarette you’re probably not actually focused and therefore not in a proper meditative state so not going to get far.

Relationships with Entities? Depends on the Entity.

On the yoga: my friend that I mentioned said just research poses and make your own routine that you can do every day. That’s what he did.

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Oh okay, I will try to quit it,anyways it’s injurious for health :grinning:

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