Dirty Nasty Third-Eye Exercise

Begin humming, “Mmmmmmm” – don’t worry about pitch or tone, just make the M sound.

It would be good if you hold your arms out to the side, like this (though seated is slightly better than standing):

But - doing this exercise, if you feel silly , don’t worry, maybe place hands palm-upwards on your knees if you’re sitting down, or just try to sit straight, with both shoulders back, if you’re using a hand-held device while doing this.

Look carefully at this – maybe save the jpg and do F11 or whatever to make it full-screen.

This is PSI – root of words like “psychic,” I also suggest the fifth classical element of Mind = Aether, time, attention, that which creates polarity, etc.

Gaze carefully at the centre where the arms rest.

Close your eyes – the goal is a retinal after-image where you see the PSI symbol with your eyes closed.

After you close your eyes, change “Mmmm” to “Iiiii” (like the word “eye,” stretched out).

Bring your hands, or your right hand, to the centre of your chest, around the sternum – doesn’t have to be a precise location. Put your hand where you feel like it’s good and centred.

That PSI symbol, I want you to change it, and morph it into an ALGIZ Rune now:

Keep looking at it, while saying “Iiiii” (“eye”) - it might double or change, what you need to do is focus on bringing it in your closed-eye vision to a place where you’re slightly cross-eyed, as if it was 6 or 7 inches out from the point between your eyebrows, and one inch above - like someone holding it just in front of you.

LOOK FOR a diamond, or a shape like a grain of rice but with pointed ends, in the place where the Y-arms of the Rune meet.

A bit like this, but this is just a stock image, don’t be swayed by it:

It should shne very bright white - not “golden white” or “blue white” - just PURE white light.

When you see it, breath in, and as you breathe, draw it in (by “imagination” or visualisation) into your forehead.

It might land just above your nose, below your hairline, all kinds of places – let that happen.

And don’t worry if you don’t see it right away – persist, try again - tomorrow, or when you have time.

When you do see it, draw it in, because it will assist you. This is light-hearted, fun to do, but don’t under-estimate it. :slight_smile:


You only need two sounds for this – “Mmmm” and “Iiii” (EYE).

To start:

Mmmmm noise, keep that coming, breathe in but bring it back with the out breath.

Arms out and down, or balanced shoulders, at least.

Now, gaze that the PSI symbol, shut your eyes.

Change from Mmmm to Iiiiii.

Straighten the symbol out, in your mind’s eye, to the ALGIZ Rune.

Look for a light at the juncture of the arms of the Rune, when you see it, breathe it into your forhead, let it come where it will.

“I Bet She Made That Up!”


Yes, it fuses Greek and Runic, and yes, that’s very untidy. And the intoned M & I? No, they don’t match the symbols.

But, they’re what I got to go with this, and when I tried them, over and over to test this, and when my friends tried them, they focused power, and worked.

Try it and see.

That’s the only test.

I’ll be the last person in the world to try and convince anyone I’m sane, but, when it comes to wrangling crazy. I’m pretty much excellent at that, and I brought this back, it may work for some, not for others. Love. :slight_smile:

“You can’t trust freedom when it’s not in your hands…”

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This is so cool.


I’ll try it later, and if it works, I’ll recommend it to others. :slight_smile:

Lady Eva, just curious why you call it Dirty, Nasty? Seems like a good way to work on the 3rd eye…

Just thought it was amusing, rather than the usual “profound, pure, spiritual, (tedious)” kinds of things that get attached to third eye work I guess. :slight_smile:

Plus it mixes Runes & Greek Stoicheia, which probably kind of didn’t happen before (any more than my chicken tikka pizza bakes) so it’s very much from the modern and “impure” school of doing what works rather than trying to find evidence from some rock carving or ancient grimoire, from back when dental problems killed kings.