Diri diris

Hello there sorry i don’t want to introduce myself about real life, im former Christian 22 yrs old from Greece and i got money to buy a drink :rage:

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And why the angry face? You want more money to buy more drinks?

Please tell us a bit more about yourself and magick, you don’t have to reveal your personal info…

Don’t forget to read the BALG forum rules:


Shit if your angry about having money send a bottle this way!

On a serious note i would imagine you mean don’t have the money for it, well that shit happens if you lnow how to meditate try meditating on the Fehu rune usually works for me

Welcome @diridiris5785.

I concur with @Anassa. Your post does not tell us anything about you beyond your age and so does NOT fit the criteria of a proper introduction. Please introduce yourself properly.

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@DarkestKnight He also made two threads that are almost identical:

Flagged for @Lady_Eva to check out.


No need to give us all your infos, please just an overview of experience (if any) with magick, or psychic events, what brought you here, stuff like that?

Cheers. Also no need to keep making the same posts about King Paimon. :+1:

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Idk anything about magic i have been attacked by a demonic force one day with “3.00am mirror focus” probably did something wrong idk


I need the info how to call King Paimon in person is very important to me

Use the little magnifying glass in the upper right. Just type in “King Paimon” and you will find all the information needed to call upon him.


Dude i got tried in the woods 300 times chant “linan tasa jedan Paimon” at 20.00, nothing happen
About the mirror focus or ouija board im afraid it cause you an attack, lot of spirits can be join the host and is no paimon

I am greek as well. Feel free to pm me to for any advice. Even though I am a rookie as well I think I can explain some things to you.

Nice name lol

You wiull have got his attention but spirits don;t just pop up on first calling like that for most people.

You should have a PM from me titled Greetings that has an FAQ on the very things you are asking here, take a look at that then reply on here with questions once you have tried one of the methods, like opening a sigil or maybe evocation. :+1:

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