Direction attributed to each gatekeeper

I’ve just found the names of the 4 gatekeepers as practiced/used by EA. however, the direction attributed to each spirit is unclear.

The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum has Amaymon as the King of the West
while some books have him as King of the East.

What about for the other demons & directions? What are their attributions & their directions?

Do you have the Evocation Course or BofA? The info is in both. Let us know if you have these my friend.

If you mention the gatekeepers about the BOA, then:
Azazel at north, Belial at south, Amaymon at east and Abaddon at west.

[quote=“Divinator, post:3, topic:1598”]If you mention the gatekeepers about the BOA, then:
Azazel at north, Belial at south, Amaymon at east and Abaddon at west.[/quote]


I know that The Gatekeepers are attributed different directions in other texts and systems, however, for me I’m just sticking with what I’m being taught here :slight_smile:

The thrones that I work with are very different from what is taught here.

It’s best not to over think this stuff. Whatever system/grimoire your using treat it as if its the only system you’ve ever heard of, otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy with “but blank puts this demon here and such and such puts that demon there”.

I think when stuff get more clear about the gatekeepers ritual from BOA, people will report more stuff for sure.

As my different demonic kings than BOA, also Works.

If you are not in a current, and want to learn and get results here, with E.A. stuff, of course you should follow as it is taught here.

How do you pronounce Abaddon? I think I remember EA saying it in the course but I forgot if it was A-bad-in or A-buh-dawn

I hadn’t seen it mentioned on this forum before but alluded to- the “arch-angles” assoc with the 4 dirs (Not “historically” largely from Golden Dawn and now all systems have copied and rearranged- trad it seems the “first 3”, but then) … anyway,

 the Names (and Meaning of name) and Qualities of the archangles and contrast with the BALG 4 gatekeeper Names (and meaning of name) and Qualities..   I find an interesting correlation (or at least reveals some)

 for ex "East" (archangel R- name and quality "healer of god") vs (Gatekeeper A- name and quality "consume and devour" energetic draining and/or infusing into an affect ~disease)....   

or ex "West" (archangel G- name and quality "Strength of god" herald-blowing of the horn as the seals are broken, giver of hope/salvation in need) vs (Gatekeeper A- "angel of the Bottomless pit" "star Stealer"  whether a Being or a "place" 'the sheol/abyss of Belial' -destroyer, to perish, "Place of destruction" ~Appollyon?, Avaddon, a different sort of herald, even "horn/trumpet" ~locust-sound whine-ring = trance)

“South” (Gatekeeper B- “worth-less/ lacking worth” ~having no king, with no throne alone in the nothing; he brings forth Empires and creates change) vs (Archangel M- “He who is like unto god” Right-hand of god in the armies fighting against … etc.)

I found when I started working with each of the 4 indiv, and connecting them to which quarters, the 2 corresponding informed.. and seemed to show a whole... (as I stopped associating to different dir, even Medieval Magic doesn't have 4 dirs, more often 1 basis, then the 2 is layered upon, then3 and 4 completes..  older would track to a star-constellation in the sky at that moment- I haven't felt a pull to Astro alignment, although its interesting

rather scanning 360 to sense which dir connects best...  but as in Enochian (original papers, vs all the concepts applied) calling up in the direction "fwd of where working" or else throughout your Area of Working.. ie they flow to where they wish and thus most in alignment?    -do 2 very different Entities gather together? is that radical conflict revealing a sort of energetic dynamo  (as in BoA the equilization of Pressures for Manifestation, if unequal.. dis-integrates.. the aspect of Time and overall pattern Sorrows, vs in the Formative Plane and above- the Infernal Empire as part complementing others- so as to continue existence vs balancing the Eq out=end..   (but that is Big Picture near Unity, vs as played out Here & There with fractional shadows.)

-MichaelSmith… just my exper I’d say it is closer to the second (for me), but more A-bah-dohn (has an interesting rhyme with first one… so then E & W as a pair, and S&N (note they rhyme also)

so as a repetition E&W Amaimon/Abbadon… Amaimon/Abbadon… mantra that for a bit, and brings forth an interesting vortex (ok warning :slight_smile:

Also Bell-E-Al / A-zay-Zell… Bell-E-Al / A-zay-Zell… repeated…

 <2 very different>  gee thinking that in order to type it has the room shine, and my head is floating... 
  (so in my above I don't mean the Archangels and Gatekeeper should be called together- seems not advised both at once- but rather when calling solely the Gatekeepers (espec if try in the order I mention as two-pairs: the first stabilize and the next comes into that prepared space).. sense how the meaning of the Archangels names seems to almost be Reversed, and yet a similar quality but different view on it     

Last for ex "South" (archangel A. "the light of god"  which is also tied to archangel Haniel "the Grace of god", both of which can intiate expansion and insight, especially "grace" ie un-earned, couldn't really has been asked for as not imagined was poss-  )