Directing a love spell towards myself

For the last year or so my focus has been on shadow work and self love. I took a break from everything else to build a solid foundation for bigger workings. I can kind of want to perfect my mental state and i had this idea of directing a love spell into myself so that i would always prioritize myself above anything.
Is this possible with demons of the goetia like Gremori or Amon? If not which other methods are best suitable? Has anyone tried this before?

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That is a very interested concept.
I haven’t tried that. I guess that would work, although some rite of selflove might work as well. Which is, as far as I’ve seen. A rite using some deity to but the core of it is to honor yourself and pampering yourself with some selfcare and perhaps also some offerings to yourself.

In my case I invoked Astaroth after particularly hard parts of shadow work, who mainly comes to me in the feminine form and regularly meditated using the enn while contemplating the more difficult parts/ outcomes of my shadow work. That did help me very much to have peace with some of my darker and uglier (to me at least) sides, shown me how I could turn those parts in beneficial characteristics and ultimately love myself including the parts of me that I would rather bury deep and forget about.


I’ve been working with Belial for a similar reason. Idk if he exactly does that but I’m working on strengthening my inner power as well as my finances, along with other rituals and spiritual workings. So following :new_moon_with_face:

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Yes, it is possible. In Jareth Tempest’s book Angels of Omnipotence, for example, Tulatu can be called upon to help you love yourself.

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