Digital Reality? Simulation Theory?

Hey everybody. I was just curious as to what you think about simulation theory and if this makes any sense from your finding and experiences. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Tom Campbell (I have his book but I can’t read it because it hurts my head so bad…) But I do watch his YouTube videos. I was just curious if you have heard of Tom would you say his metaphors are somewhat accurate on the way reality works? I don’t agree with all of his theory but I feel like the applications on how reality works is pretty solid. Or at least the metaphors he uses I can kind of relate to. But I was wondering from your perspective is Toms teachings maybe something you can relate to working with magick? At the end of the day I know it’s all metaphorical etc. I guess I was just curious if anybody can relate to if this is maybe how reality works from your experience. Cheers everybody hope all is well!

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I don’t believe we’re living in a simulation. I think people want to believe that there’s something better than the universe we live in now.

The truth is every universe has its problems. There is no universe where everything is all roses and sunshine forever. And even if we were in a simulation, who cares? Knowing that won’t impact our lives any. We still gotta get up, do our jobs, practice magick and so on.

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hey Darkest it’s been done! So sorry about that and happy to be here :slight_smile:

Depends how you would define a simulation. Reality is information, an illusion, a simulation, a dream, and program or game all at once and many more things. Seeing past this to its underlying matrix of patterns and tapping those to convince or build reality to respond a certain way is magick.

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