Difficulty with conjuring Egyptian Deities

I am quite able to conjure on the basic level Celestials like for example Michael, Raphael or Sandalphon and Infernals like Beliar for example. But conjuring the egyptian deities like Anubis, Ra, Sekhmet or Seth is quite hard for me.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, because I use the same gazing method, but with using the names written in hieroglyphs.



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The thing with a lot of deities is they will appear to you when they think you’re ready but trust that they may have heard your call and you may not be noticing them. At first they showed subtle signs and now they appear to me at random and quite obviously. I do feel the presence of Haru and Ra around you as well as Sekhmet

Use the name as an Enn. Like repeat their names a set (pun intended) number of times I usually trust my intuition

I highly recommend this music as it connects me with the entities and their energies and helps align me with them. There’s more on the respective YouTube channels and playing it and mediating or just having the intent to meet them helps


Maybe I can help a bit, as well. I am an initiated Priestess of Set.

The Egyptian gods have a very different “feel” or current than those of the others you mentioned. For Westerners, it takes a little bit of work to get into it, which in my case consisted of studying ancient Egyptian mythologies, symbolism, and even anthropology. On the other hand, a few people are drawn easily to the Egyptian currents, which may be due to past life connections.

These gods are VERY powerful, but in a very different way than the gods of other cultures. It is downright “alien” (both figuratively and literally, in some cases), and when contacted, can feel very foreign to some.

In short, it will take some practice. Work a bit first by studying the deity you’re trying to connect with by reading about them, meditating on and with them, etc.

Is there a reason you’re trying to work with the Egyptian pantheon? There may be other groups that you might feel more naturally comfortable with.


I’m just very curious in working with Egyptian Gods since I really love the Mythology and all the lore of Ancient Egyptian Culture.
And I also don’t want to bound myself to lets say classical Entities like Celestials (Michael, Raphael, and so on) and Infernals (Beliar, Lucifer, Satan etc.)


I was approached by an entity in a dream after putting out an intention to work with a female deity or spirit. I came to the conclusion that I was contacted by Isis after comparing the experiences of others with the symbolism in my dream. Her voice sounded quite strange, almost computer like, and the way she moved in images that came to mind when working with her had a strange, stilted quality. There is an electrical quality to the way she presents herself without there being an electrical feeling in the air when I work with her. Her presence is very subtle, in fact I don’t feel her very clearly at all in the air around me, but I definitely feel the results of her actions in real time. I agree with what @Mornaug said about their energy feeling quite alien or unusual. Maybe you made contact but are not yet accustomed to the way they feel.


I know there are a lot of re-constructionist Kemetics. Maybe they have some useful info you could borrow for the purposes of contacting them.

My understanding is a lot of it has to do with making offerings, activating some kind of statue or object and then covering it.


Have you thought of investing in some decent statues of the gods you’d like to work with.

When. I learned Egyptian magick many years back I had a simple altar with 3 god statues. A candle and few tools.

The statues help create a focus point for the energies you’re calling. Also many statues are set in proper poses and gesture forms of the gods traditionally and you can take on the godform by emulating the pose and calling to the deity.

I would recommend you perform the ritual of the opening of the mouth first and call your heart before invoking them.


I don’t know the ritual of opening the mouth. How to perform it?

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I believe it’s in the Egyptian book of the dead. It only needs to be performed once I recall.

You should be doing the calling of the heart ritual before workings however, that’s how I was taught anyway.

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Well, I’m not familiar with egyptian magick and rituals. I think there is a book about from Dr Stephen Skinner but didn’t remember the name of it.

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I found the egyptian book of the dead The Papyrus of Ani by

but didn’t find this ritual

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I was fairly certain it was in there. Maybe I’m wrong it’s been two decades for me. I’ll find out and get back to you ok? :grin:

Update I just googled it. You can find it fairly easy online. When you get the statues of the gods it’s good to do an opening of the mouth with them so they can be fed and strengthened by offerings.

It’s not strictly necessary though I think.


Start studying them online and learn all you can about them and try something music based to summon them. If you made a song, or poem of Sekhmet she might show up. I shouted out Bastet in a song and she appeared right after and i wasn’t even trying to summon. I think these Gods and Goddesses like to go to you and choose you, than the other way around but im not advanced enough to make that call its just my opinion. They have an extremely powerful energy though and you’ll know if it’s them when they show up. I also think they like to work together so if you can get 1 to appear you should be able to get another 1 too also.

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I got a good contact with them just from using Petrucellys magick circle adapted to demonic work from The book of soul retrieval. He uses his own channeled enns. They even visited me one night after I had gone to bed, looked into my bedroom like “who is this guy?”. During the ritual I had a problem visualizing some of them and they gave me a picture of them in my mind to use. This circle is also in his Black witch - demon tongue book.