Difficulty changing with meditation Posture

So this is simple really when i try meditating in this posture anatomy_308_5593_bjk
(on the edge of something like on the picture) it’s 100 times more difficult to mediate for me that when I’m laying down or meditating while sitting , like it’s pure torture for me and i don’t know, why?, this doesn’t seem to make sense but there must be something to it right? Something related to energy? Also i got a surgery done at the bottom of my spine for a sort of infection a few months ago so if anybody got an idea… :thinking:

I think You can find any comfortable position to meditate
Doesnt matter what position you are in

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yep but i would like to know why something like that make this huge difference , almost think there is something suspicious that i need to investigate within myself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I find most classical meditation positions extremely uncomfortable, thus I always meditate sitting regularly on a chair, lying on a bed, standing in the subway car or even walking to somewhere.

It’s not even that it’s that it’s more difficult for me mentally to do it like i really need to force myself more and it seems way longer by my perception

I agree with @eVox_61, anything that you find comfortable will do.

It is important to remember that the body does not meditate. It is the mind that meditates. The pic that you show is like the way of Zazen, but sitting also works well for many people.

There is no absolute in that matter. The only constant criterion is having our spine right.

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Shit, I sit on my knees, it’s just personal preference, don’t think any works better than another it’s all up to you.

I see what you mean. I like meditation while sitting up or lying on my back but some days it’s painful to lie on my back so I end up laying on my side. No idea why but it’s just like that sometimes. Maybe there’s blockage or something. Then the next day I can lay on my back just fine, no pain or discomfort.

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I meditate laying down. I have so much trouble doing it the same as you i think my main reason is because i have scoliosis

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Have you seen a chiropractor?

I don’t have any physical pain and all seem to work normally on a day to day basis so no, but i’m persuaded that this is something related to chakras or energy or i don’t know what really…Well maybe i will report some findings someday related to that…

I just lay on my bed to mediate. As long as you’re comfortable that’s all that matters.

@Starlord For the mental part of meditation try to not focus on getting into a different state. Focusing on changing your mind state can hinder the process. Just sit how you like and breathe deep breaths for a bit. Try a counting method such as inhale for 4 seconds hold 4 seconds exhale 4 seconds hold 4 seconds and repeat. You can change how long you count for depending on comfort level. Also if you don’t already, try music or chanting to focus your mind on. Either of these methods should help you with the mental part of meditation. Trying too hard will only stop it from happening. Also try to just sit in silence, no thoughts, no worries, no goals just silence. This will help you in different ways but can also help with getting the mind used to being still as well as allowing you to feel your own energy to see what if anything needs to be worked on.

I have struggled at times to get into a different mental state. I have used the methods I mentioned above with success. Everyone is different though and for some it can be difficult still. You can also try rocking or swaying your body if able to do so. If you try chanting your body might sway and rock on it’s own, if so let it happen and you will feel a difference. Hopefully this will be helpfull for you.

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This was super helpful. Thank you!

I never sit like that when meditating and I don’t sit still neither. I sway back and forth. I tried meditation for years and failed. Very frustrating. Only during giving birth and having contractions for 30 hours I found this way, of swaying back and forth, works perfect for me. You just need to find a way that works best for you personally.