Difficulties with Invoking Omnipotence


I am confused about the instructions for Invoking Omnipotence as given in Evoking Eternity. Is there a specific breathing method to be used? I naturally breathe through my nose, but the instructions talk about breathing in the light via the mouth, which feels very unnatural to me.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

And, yes, I am aware I am probably over thinking it LOL


Well as I read it, it just sounded like breathing in from your nose and out through your mouth. Or at least that’s how I’ve been doing it, and it works fine that way, but that’s just me. I’d also agree that you’re over thinking it so just calm down and read it again.


The main thing to remember is to NOT force your breathing. Relax and breathe, and let your breath assume a natural rhythm. For almost everyone, this is in through the nose and out through the mouth, activating both the Ida and the Pingala.


Thank you for the advice, E.A. and Luxbey. I’ve done a fair amount of Taoist breathing practices so when I’m relaxed, my natural rhythm is in and out through my nose. Exhaling through my mouth feels uncomfortable to me and seems to make my heart beat faster. I will have to play around and see what rhythm works best for me.

Thanks again for the pointers. Its much appreciated.