Different strokes_for different magickians

Hello all,

Perhaps I already “know” the answer so to speak with this question, but, I’m going to through this around a bit:

Regarding SASTAN - I’m sure he’s a really good guy and all, but I haven’t felt anything with him for the course material.

I even drew some blood and retraced his Sigil with it…that didn’t work. Then I thought “well, he is a Spirit, perhaps he doesn’t require or like blood?”. So I gratefully thanked him anyways, burned his Sigil, then re-made his Sigil and started working to open the sigil up…nothing again.

OK, so at this point boys & girls I decided that for whatever reason, SASTAN is not a guy I’m supposed to be working with. Today, I thanked him for coming, burned his Sigil…now I’m moving on.

Now, I know that we all have an Army of Spirits in the course material to work with. I really wanted to stick to the course material Spirit for Spirit, but it ain’t happenin’.

I’m sure that I can still proceed through the material without SASTAN, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this experience? He’s just not showing up?

So, I decided to work with TAH’KA’YAT (BofA) instead. I have felt the energy of Paralda more than Mepsitahl, but again for the course material I’m working with both.

So do some Spirits just choose not to work with certain people? Or is it a matter of timing?

What say you BALG Forum???

Maybe Sastan was working quietly on your behalf? And then you burned the connection.

But, I know Vassago, of the Lemegeton, is a popular entity for gaining clarity in Vision. It’s used in Mastering Witchcraft for that exact purpose actually.

has nothing to do with timing,its all about belief
Believe in Sastan…believe in Mepsitahl…prior to evocating or working with any spirit attempt to first make contact through devotion or display of appreciation. show your sincerity and effort…it will go a long way.

an example of strange timing would be what happened to me just a few hours ago…

I saw the local street florist and wanted to buy some white lilies. There were these two ladies who wanted to purchase some flowers but only had a hundred dollar bill and the florist had no change. I purchased their flowers and mine. They said thank you and told me they were for a recently dead relative who they were on their way to visit at the cemetery.

Timing anyone?..perhaps some force brought me exactly at that spot at the right timing?..maybe…but thats timing.

On the other hand, communing with the spirits is always open. The door is never closed if Mercury is in retrograde. See the spirits in your mind first. Envision them, talk to them, construct them deep in your inner vision. Feel them in front of you…all this is immersion as ive learned through EA.

Never throw the towel out before you take a shower!!

Interesting points gentlemen!

I just didn’t feel a thing with SASTAN. Anyways, as I said before…I did feel an energy with Mepsitahl & Paralda.

I forgot to mention - I was working with SASATN since July 17th folks!!! After all this time…nothin’.

Anywho, I’ve decided to let our relationship go right now for the time being.

Hey, if the exercise doesn’t work for you, there’s not much more you can do! No reason to force it.

Of course, you should obviously begin working with Mephistahl/Paralda instead of Sastan with the scrying exercises.

Good luck Mode!

Most definitely move on if he’s not doing it for you in this regard! Above all, this is YOUR path, and the spirits that I suggest are just that - suggestions. They’ll work well for most people, but if you’re in tune enough to know that it’s not working for you, then you should be able to find one who will pretty easily!

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it might be that sastan feels that you should approach another spirit that is more likely a better fit for you

Thanks for chiming in E.A… I figured that I could just move on to another Spirit and get through the material. No worries though. I’ll check SASTAN another time that’s all.

Thank you by the way E.A., and to all you guys for reminding me in various ways…this IS my Path. Sometimes I forget this.

Forest from the trees Mode…forest from the trees.