Different paths

I could not seem to find the answer I was looking for so ill ask this here. I know of paths like necromancy and the poison path and such but what are the others? What are some basic paths?

I guess what I’m asking is (and please forgive me for the example I’m about to speak of) I know there are multiple paths but like in games there are different schools of magic. So in real magick what are some different paths or schools? I hate to use this example (because I know hollywood/fiction is not real magick) but it was the best example I could think of.


Shamanic paths are nice could do the medicine wheel.

There’s the path of the gatekeepers. Working through the nine demonic gatekeepers is enlightening.

Annnd the Qaballah and Qlipphoth, qaballah matches the symbolism of ascent nicely.

When it comes to “schools” of magick, you have to work on basic “aspects” of control.

Like destruction is an aspect, but destruction can be amazing. You can use it to

Destroy obstacles

Destroy illusions

Destroy negative patterns

Destroy people


This is useful, downright required. I personally imagine this “destructive” force as a flame. You can either play around with it or do a whole path… Annnd I dunno about a path of destruction. What I can say is that you might wanna focus on aspects of control rather than “schools”.


It’s not really probable to list every path, unless you’re looking to follow paths formed by other people such as Hermeticism, wicca, etc and even then wicca has many sub paths created by the individual just as the LHP has many sub paths created by the individual, but there’s some paths like hermeticism where you follow specifics.

It’s easier to follow your own path (a path created by your experiences) then trying to find a path someone else made.


Right lol. I just wanted to hear some basic ones so I could geta grasp of the difference among this way of life.

I suggest picking up pieces of other people’s workings. Scrolling through balg helps.

What I can say is that any sort of magickal practice can be immense in the long run. Any little thing can be of use.


Very true. Thank you.

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