Different methods of influence

I know this is a overly talked about topic, but obsession, and lust.

So I started talking to a certain demon.

Would repeat evocations to the same spirit for the exact same request actually NOT help? I am in the middle of a working of a Lust,Obsession working.

I don’t work with tools, I call on the spirit; I speak my desire and then send the spirit to complete the task

In this case it’s ZEPAR. The demon of seduction whom accepted to show up and is showing me slowly that this is indeed possible to overtake someone’s will even in such extrenuous circumstances against you.

Would it be considered that everyday evocations for the same goal interrupt the working of the demon?

How can a working be amplified to manifest something as soon as possible? Or immediately.

I give Zepar recognition for accepting me and working with me as I have said that I would do so.

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Hmmm. Good question.

Well Imho, I would say that it totally depends on your energy. Are you doing everyday evocations because you are lusting for results? If so that would get pretty annoying to whatever entity you are evoking. Not only would you be interrupting, but doubting them as well.

But if you just take great joy in keeping close daily contact with Zepar, almost like daily worship/offerings, then I believe that you are just fine. BUT, if you only do daily evocations when you want something and not all the time then it will be obvious that you are just being thirsty for the time being.

If you state what you want to Zepar and honor him in ways he likes that is all you need to do. If you want to speed up the work I would suggest adding some other corresponding elements (like cinnamon or coffee for hella speed, if you work with herbs). Or you can always ask for the aid of an additional spirit. Maybe this helped? 🤷

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