Different demon powers in different books

I have the Demons of magick by G. Winterfield and the Goetia pathworking by C. Hardgrove and the demons have slightly different powers. For example, Agares in DOM doesn’t ruin people’s reputations like in Goetia pathworking.
I’m still not familiar with the Goetia pathworking, but did a few rituals with DOM, so the question is can I use a power stated in Goetia pathworking with the DOM ritual?

If you can communicate, then I would call the entity up and ask.

If not, you could try using a pendulum to get the answer.

Most of the books are about personal gnosis, so getting different answers or interpretations is common.

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Thank you @norse900.
Would you mind telling me how to use the pendulum in this case? Does it have to be within the ritual? (I never used it sorry :))

Haven’t used one in…a while… But here’s how I may go about it for this. Watch a video or two in common pendulum problems that at least covers not starting from a still pendulum (some start it with movement).

Meditate to clear your head and try to detach from the interest in the question.

Establish a Yes signal, a No signal, and an Unknown/Maybe/Everything Else.

Call upon the entity to ask for answers using the pendulum. You’re asking for their help here, not going about the evoking them.

Ask them if they can help with A or if B is a side-effect. You may also want to verify which person is affected by the side-effect.

If you’re familiar with tarot, you could try that route, but I don’t have info on it.

Hope it helps.


Spirits are multi faceted. Though they do have differences in how they go about affecting things if you have a particular book or grimoire you are working with trust it. I’ve done Goetic evocation quite a bit, one of the reasons meditation and training is so important is that you do need to be receptive to communication, it’s a two way street. I’ve called spirits to do things that were clearly their forte and I have been told no blatantly.
My point is don’t over think recorded correspondences. If someone took the time to write them down in a book it’s more than likely experience based so if it worked that way for them they could work that way for you. I’m not big on modern books myself for Goetic spirit correspondences because the Lemegeton (The lesser key of Solomon) is out there and it’s info is centuries old -
It’s always been accurate in my experience - but maybe that’s because I exercised trust in it - faith is a super power in magick. Trust the book you choose to experiment with and you will gain gnosis by your own interactions, successes, and failures! :+1:


If you recall, in Demons of Magick, the author states that the powers that are listed are to be used intuitively, not as a hard rule that the demon can only do what is listed. Winterfield expects the reader to read between the lines and blend powers. He says, “the powers of the demons are described briefly, and part of your work involves interpreting these descriptions and finding which approach is most appropriate for you and the situation you are trying to change.”


That’s right, but the powers I see in Goetia pathworking sometimes have nothing to do with the ones in DOM, that’s why I was wondering. For example, in DOM, there’s nothing that indicates that Agares could make someone act in a way that destroys their reputation. His powers are mostly “positive”.

Winterfireld specifically left the powers vague and open because he expects the reader to use their intuition and personal connection to the maigck. You can always try a DOM ritual with a power listed from another book, but it may or may not work.

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they usually tell you who to work with if they can’t.


Tat depends in yiu Faith, skill bcse tey are multitasking. Its not tes orno qestion.

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What DarkestKnight said

Perfect example…
In one of Hargrove’s books, I think it’s “Magickal Influence,” he suggests to call on Sitri to make a neighbor move away. Winterfeild and just about everyone else associates Sitri with love and lust.
Use your intuition.

Also, I’ve used Hargrove’s ritual from “Magickal Influence” with demons using powers listed in other books and from my experience.

I like Hargrove’s approach in that book because I generally have excellent success drawing the sigil and chanting simultaneously. Thus on occasion, I will blend that w/ powers listed in other books.


Think about the average human lifespan. Imagine selecting at random, a day to ask a question to yourself: “What can you do”? Obviously, a youth vs college age vs an elder will reply differently. The same person may be a stellar runner, later on they may be a writer.
Entities, demons ect have many different layers. Different books tap into different layers, hence the differing powers.