Different Archangel Sigils


Helllo everybody.
Doing a little research on the 4 Archangels sigils Ive found two different sets of them.
In one on them the design is simplier, in the other the design is more intrincated, lets say. (For instance, in Raphaels)
Pardon the basic question, but where`s the difference if you use one or another?


As has been said many times by others (I say this only to make clear I’m not claiming credit for the thought), many entities will have multiple sigils - sometimes an entity will provide a more personal sigil for a practitioner. So it should be of no surprise that there are multiple sigils floating around out there for the same entity.

I would suggest you use the sigil from a source you trust (like a book or a person you’ve worked with) over a sigil from a source you trust less (like a google search or a random book you have not used).

If you have already used multiple different sigils for the same entity, use the one that “feels” or “works” best for you.

And if you receive a new sigil from the entity itself, use that one. Just be sure that the new sigil is from the entity you intend to evoke, haha.