Differences in symbolism in tarot decks

Using DuQuettes Ceremonial Magic, Rider Waite, Wangs Golden Dawn, Radiant Rider Waite (currently), and seeing the Magicians Tarot, I see the symbolism, and is reflected in several Golden Dawn books, however, I wonder about the difference in users of the Thoth and Rider Waite decks, what symbolism is the same and whats different, can they be opened and do they have the same effect?

Although my answer is not directly related to your question about the Thoth and Rider Waite decks. But I did saw a video in which the person said that different decks cause different alchemical effects. I will search for the video and come back to you.

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A video about the differences of effects of tarot decks.

A video that describes a concecration rite
(take note of the timestamp given below)

“For the purpose of concecration of a tarot deck or oracle deck with
the power of the void, It also initiate, enchant and transform the
magician with every card in the deck which will give you a very strong
connection with every card in the deck.”

timestamp 05:01- 05:53

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Vampyr, and Daemon seem interesting for sure. All tarot and oracle decks are cool, but Im looking for the occult and esoteric symbolism that fills in various spots of what I dont know that help complete the puzzle.

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Exactly, but because you wrote about effects, I remembered this video in which the person discussed the differences in effects what a deck could have.

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The two best decks in terms if symbolism are:

  1. Old Mother Fucker’s: This 1970’s deck pulls no punches. Every card is offensive, often for multiple reasons.
  2. Readers’ Digest Condensed: only thirty-nine cards, plus crayons for personalised colouring!
  3. The Wombat Charcoal Tarot: An exquisite and dramatic reinterpretation of classical symbolism via this uniquely Australian marsupial, captured in charcoal sketches.