Differences between a Succubi or an energy vampire

So, what would be key signs your either a Succubi or an energy vampire.

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for Succubi, that you do not have a physical body
succubus/incubus can manifest as human, but they still do not have a physical body.


i guess what appetite do they have, i know there is a difference.

In my experience, they do have a physical body, rather than a visual body. You couldn’t interact with them if they didn’t have a physical body now, could you?

The difference between an energy vampire and a succubus is their currents and how they feed off of the currents.

While the succubus depends on the Crown-, Heart- and the Root chakra, an energy vampire pretty much take negative energy, at their disposal. That makes the succubus more versatile, in comparison to the energy vampire. Fear, love, joy, sadness, anger, hate or anything else within the emotional spectrum is something a succubus can feed on. Of course there is versatile energy vampires out there, but the succubus would more likely to outperform it within a much more wider spectrum overall.


Depends if your a Cambion offspring then you do have a human body but your astral self is imbued with incubi/succubi energy and characteristics.


thank you succupedia That is what I was looking for.
The correlation with the chakras. Makes more sense to me now.

for instance say if you were a succubi those would be the points on the body you are attached to.

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don’t they interact with you by manipulating your energy?
it feels physical but it is an eletrical stimulation, might aswell be physical to your nerve system, visual and physical stimulation

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The parasite or vampire would probably flee at the the first sight of a succubi/incubi or when they realize that you’re discovering your powers and getting in touch with the left hand path because there’s a lot of things you can do to spirits and enerigies.

That pretty much encapsulate what I’ve been trying to explain in here, as well as in my blog, for years. That’s how intelligent energy works. But it’s not only about manipulation of energy internally through our chakras and nerve system, but also externally, outside of our body. It goes hand in hand. External interaction without the internal is often much weaker. Cold or heat is recognisable by external energy. Touches is often much weaker, or hardly recognisable by external only interaction.

Opened chakras makes external and internal interaction with spirits possible. You can call it “manipulation of energy”, but that’s how everything works. Even between humans. We’re all energy. The difference is that humans are solid, and spirits are perennial, tangible, vaporous or any antonym you could find that’s opposite to “solid”.


exactly! :smiley:
a non physical being giving you a physical experience
(non physical from our perspective)

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I would rather say a “non visual” being, giving us a physical experience. Doesn’t the physical experience and interaction with these beings makes then physical, too? We don’t lead them to touch us wherever we think they will touch us. They lead and decide where to touch us.

Maybe I’m too picky with words, but that’s how I see this. I might be right. I might be wrong. :slight_smile:

atleast we can agree that they feel extremely good and they are very appreciated! :smiley:

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No doubt about that! :wink:


Succubi take sexual energy while an energy vampire takes energy from.whatever they can.

Here is the resson I ask. Someone called me a psychic vampire and though I cant argue that fact, I think it goes much deeper than that.

I was told that succubus creates vampires by kissing a mortal and if they don’t die they beome vampires. this is what I was told or heard long ago. also isn’t lilith the creator of vampire I could be wrong.

From what good research on her I find, Yes she has been credited for that.

And is also a reason I ask.



That is exactly how I feel. there are certain energies that I dont like and I will avoid but some other energies are like needed. I guess it just depends who I am around.


Succubi and Energy Vampire are same thing, all succubi needs energy (sexual or other emotions)

They have physical form which they take to seduce the victim before attack, by the way every succubi is also incubi…