Difference in training

what is the difference in training between getting visions in your mind, and seeing energies through your physical eyes?
Visualization only helps your clairvoyance within your mind but does not help seeing it physically. So what is the difference

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In simple terms, the physical eye is not designed to see the subtle energies. It sees only a small part of the full spectrum. You actually see with all your physical senses and even the non physical ones. Your mind is the artist that puts it all together.

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Training your senses to see energy in your mind does often times transfer to your physical eyes. Atleast in my experience as I close my eyes to scan people, however, I can see energy physically when I want to like flipping a switch. So honestly I don’t see a difference.


Well, I have been training visualisation in Franz Bardon’s book Initiation Into Hermetics,I think you know about it,there is this section/step which you start to visualize objects, first eyes closed, then eyes open.

Having been training on it for 8 months on and off,I can see the object as indistinguishible from reality for brief seconds if I really go at it.So I think Velenos is right.