Difference demons, angels, etc

I was wondering,
What are the differences between demons, angels, and other beings?
They are in war? They have different law-traditions?

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Demons, angels, etc are all different races and within those races their different species. Angels from Judeo angels, Ma’ati angels, Erote angels, with demons incubus/succubus, draconic demons, etc. there’s even different species or Gods, the Hindu Gods with their varying skin colors from blue to red, etc with multiple arms, the Celtic Gods who tend to have some kind of animalistic feature from antlers to stag legs, to Fae features. Just to name a small few.

Comparing them is comparing different races to one another.

Yes depending on their nations they are in they have different laws and traditions and very few racial traditions that’s shared between them.

No, as in my opinion as someone who tries his best to keep track of political stuff in the etheric there’s no wars, the infernal did have some internal issues recently but that’s been calmed afaik, there’s personal disputes sure, but not to the extent of wars yet. Although I know the different keres tend to attack each other as they’re tribal in nature and sometimes fight for territory.

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Thanks man!
I saw the book of rivelations, Christian book that talks about fallen angels, like Satan? Lucifer? That become infernal… I was thinking why they got this argue.
Then I saw some astral stories of…i don’t remember who… But he went to some infernal “planet” and lucifer said him that citizen there didn’t like the name Christ.
Some personal question if you don’t mind.
Did you worked with all of them?

Lucifer is seen as a fallen angel but some view him as a Roman god who simply took over the infernal. However, I’m not sure about infernal planet but I do know the infernal is a nation within the underworld not a planet.

However, Christ isn’t an issue in the infernal as many infernal citizens have their own beliefs, ideals, and some don’t believe in Christ.


Summon some and ask

Interesting question.

I would differentiate between the denizens of the underworld and the denizens of heaven. Both might have benevolent and/or malevolent entities, depending on their loyalties and individual qualities. I prefer to work with the Denizens of Heaven, but others might prefer Underworld benefactors. I’ve been approached by both kinds of being and I guess it all comes down to personal preference or inclination.

Angels (Angelos in Greek) are simply messengers of heaven, but they are among the Denizens of Heaven. Demon is just a generic Greek word for spirit, it does not denote good or ill intent in itself. In Christian lore all underworld gods and demons are considered evil, but that is just prejudice and not all heavenly beings are benevolent either. You have to find the ones that are allies of humanity and are willing to work with us.


From what I’ve learned, all Divinities are different species or races kind of like how we have different nationalities.

There are no wars that I know of but I do know that some spirits do protect humanity from malicious spirits (Thor, Vishnu, Archangel Michael, Lucifer, Ares, Etc.).

The wars may have been symbolical.

Overall pick who you vibe with and work with them. The Infernal and Angelic Pantheons never worked for me but the Norse, Greek and Hindu Pantheons have been very beneficial to my growth.

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Tryied to talk with Lucifer a lot of times, and I think he listened to me, yesterday I was searching for rituals about money, and some one knock up and say to me “want my help?” I said “hey thanks but not now, who are you?” “Clauneck”… After a little with mental communications… I don’t know if it is my imagination, he said that lucifer sent him.
I was like… Hey…? What???
Was strange becouse I’m working with angels now… But I don’t want to be enemy of someone, I’m loyal and friendly…this got me like… :open_mouth:

Ares like… Appeared to me for some test… I don’t know why.
I was in bed and something got me like “someone is attacking you with some illness to you and your family”
After that I went like crazy and focused so much and emanated so much energy… Now I can do this when I want to me like… Energical? I can charge my self so fast…when I waked up and saw that I could do this so easily I asked who was teaching me. Ares was the first name I eard.

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OT, sorry.
How can I say if someone is evil or if someone want the good for the humanity?
Also, I think there are other nations? Like in a book of EA there are some spirits of the kingdoms of flame… I want to travel in astral to see all of this…:frowning_face:

There are a few differences between angels and demons, I have met a huge number over the years and yes they are very how to say “opposite” to one another.

Some of the responses below fit in with my experiences in that they are different species / races etc and of course their origins (ie where they are from does vary).

To explain the difference it is necessary to put the look of them and where they are from / live etc aside and instead focus on what as a collective unites them. The term “angel” or “demon / devil” etc is simply a collective term to denote their determination (ie their personality, what they seek to do, what they want and their general outlook on life and of course towards others).
I’ve found that those who identify themselves as being demonic / devil etc have always fitted the description / definition of what it is to be a demon or a devil. Similarly those who are angels generally fit the description of what it is to be an angel ie: benevolent, and service to others orientation.
Irrespective of name or religious denomination that they have been classified as one or the other the attributes for which angels are famed for has always turned out to be true. Equally the attributes of those that have identified themselves as demons or devils have always lived up to the definition of what it is to be as such (namely service to self, extremely deceitful and always looking for any way to manipulate the situation). Just look to the dictionary for definitions of these beings, learn the meanings and stick with them. That way no matter what it is that you come across however they present themselves to you, you will always have a legal grounding / definition etc to base your relationship / decisions upon. They all know the meaning of the names / definitions for which they claim to be, so its a good way of putting a known foundation in place before any relationship / dealing with them commences.


Sounds like Ares to me. I felt his energy as I read this so its him

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Well, that’s interesting, but what do you do with pagan deities that have been demonised?

For instance Astarte, a Phoenician Goddess, related to Aphrodite, is often presumed to be Astaroth, a Goetic demon. I don’t think it is that clear-cut.

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There are many in this site that say out loud, with experiences that demons are good friends.
I think that they are some persons like us, they can be evil, they can be good.
I personally, don’t trust in real life, it’s hard to get my trust, so for spirits, and for now I cannot comunicate as well as some in the forum does.

Pagan Gods who have been demonized are still Gods, a lot of the goetia have no historical ties to the Gods the LHP claim are them besides a small few like Ishtar/Astaroth.

Aphrodite is not Ishtar, they share similar roles in their respective pantheons to a degree, but you do nothing about it really. You want to work with the Gods then do so, but keep them separate from the goetia such as Amun the primordial God and Amun the goetia, or Set the God and Sitri the demon.


Want to talk to him one day.
I like so much his icon. His family too!
Athena is his sister if I remember good and she is for the law war, the word war…how can I say…I like war…as a game.
So they are like some that I want to know ahah