Difference Between Spirit And Soul

I just read a topic and this got into my mind
Is there really a difference between a spirit and soul?
Do angels and demons have souls without A body?
A soul enters the foetus at 4 months of pregnancy for humans but there spirits before having souls and body’s
so do they go back to spirits after they die or remain as souls wondering around
Or is there not much of difference at all??

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Your source for this?

A few grimoires I read seem to suggest they have bodies as well. Just in a different plane.

I believe that what remains of their essence rests under the protection of the Spirits until it can be shaped into a familiar for a Necromancer.

That’s when most Dr say they beggin developing emotions ,will and mind (soul)

Their is a difference between the soul and the brain though, and I would not start bringing in medical studies into this. Anyways the theory seems to be that what is left of the unborn isn’t quite a whole beng but rather fragments of essence that may be created into a new being if combined with a part of the Necromancer’s own soul. That’s what a grimoire I read says anyways.

Who’s/what’s Necromancers ??

Their are spells for raising unborn babies. That’s all I am trying to say.

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Necromancers are magicians who work with the dead. They can enslave the death and so on, although many of them don’t.

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I follow the school of thought that one is immortal (in my case I grant that to the spirit) and the other (soul) not. The spirit would be the divine essence, the life spark, but is impersonal. The soul is the individual’s personality and memory.

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