Did your spell work or it was just coincidence ?!

Hi , so i did a spell, a curse to be specific on some people for about two or three weeks ago i couldn’t even remember cause i really had let it go to the universe !

And yesterday the thing that i wanted and manifested to happen actually happened !

BUT i have doubts , cause

The person that did this to the targets is usually acting this way , and i knew sooner or later he/she would do that to them anyways , but not so short ! Or maybe i don’t know that person so well and it was his/her decision to do it ?

I dont know did my spell work or it was just a coincidence !

So my question is , when do you know that it was really your spell , that made a situation upside down ?!
And also when you’re spell is not the reason ?

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If you get what you asked for, then it worked. Dont think about the universe as a separate thing. I like to think of the universe as a tool of myself and even though they may have had it coming, your will strengthen and sped up the process. try doing a money spell, and youll see some weird things happen lol


One definition of magick is, the science and art of creating a coincidence. So no matter what, the effect of magick will always seem like one. In most cases.

How to know if it’s the spell or not? When you’re very specific, not aiming for something general that probably going to happen anyway one way or another, and your results are consistent, not a one time wonder or a good luck. If it’s the opposite of that, then probably the spell is not the reason.


Don’t dwell on the cause of your results, it’s second guessing yourself. In the words of a great late night infomercial “Just set it and forget it”!

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If you doubt in your abilities then next time when you fail hmm much more burden will be on your shoulders.
Do the ritual and forget about it.
End of story

The problem is that it was going to happen itself , it did happen before (for personal reasons i dont want to share the details) but i wasn’t aware of its next time , and there was a chance that it wouldnt happen itself and the situation would linger for a while , and idk that for sure weather i had a role on that as well or not :smile:

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Im just new in this game, not so much working and not so much experiences ,
I didn’t get results from all of the works i did , just some, so that makes me doubt sometimes,
Not in myself , but , you know , somehow somethings are really out of your control not even with magic .

But the thing about my works is that all of those that worked or i think it was on me , were the negative ones , those have no benefits for me :smile:
For example for the same situation i did this spell on , i did another spell with my own benefits on it , which didn’t work till now not even a sign .
I didnt have any doubts on myself in none of them, completely sure , and felt the power the energy very much during the rituals and then let them all go to the universe
I feel like maybe im cursed too lol

Magick is complimentary. It uses what’s available to get the job done. If there’s no faith or intention and you’re not in it to win it nothing will happen or very little to say the least.

The fact that you already had a situation brewing, gave you a better foothold for your working hence it was faster for your results.

Doubting yourself or the entities that did the work for you I feel is an insult to you and them.


Magic,like any other profession,is what you give is what you take.
Dabbling will always give you a sloppy result.
Meditate before any magical task…at least for 30 minutes…calm yourself and one day you’ll get to a conclusion that YOU are the source of magic(not some outside force).
We all been thru and that’s how things work,unfortunately.

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You could be. Or you could have a weak will. Work with shadow work or your shadow self incase because it may have to due with your own self putting yourself down. Stop doubting it.

Chance is but a name for a law unrecognized

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We can quote platitudes at you all day, but the truth is, chance does exist. Coincidences do happen.

The only thing that will truly help with your doubt is repetition.

If you do a spell for money, for example, and receive $100 the next day, your mind goes, “Hmm…interesting. Let’s try that again.” So you do another money spell, and a few days later, your lovely granny sends you a birthday card in the mail with $20 in it. Your mind then goes, “Hmm…gotta be a coincidence, the card would have been in the mail before I did the spell. So, let’s try again.” You do a third spell, and this time, it takes a week but you receive an extra $500 in your bank account because your bank had just discovered an accounting mistake.

Taken together, those three situations would be quite difficult to write off as coincidence, though each one individually could be seen as such. “Once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern.”


Before something happens… it’s a possibility but never a certainty. In life we seek enhancing the probability of something to happen. We can’t do anything more than that if we wanted to “do” something.

The other option is to do nothing. Any action you take… is an action to enhance the probability of something to happen, and that is a degree of magick. Check Aleister Crowley’s definition of magick. “The science and art of causing change to occur, in conformity with will”.

If you didn’t do anything at all to enhance the probability of something, then if it happens or not, got nothing to do with you or your actions and the question wouldn’t arise.

In other words, consider the spell worked even if you know that something was going to happen anyway, because you really didn’t know that. Any action you take, including that spell, should be considered a cause or at least an act of enhancing the probability to your favor.

That would be ok for now. Later on when you become more experienced you could be more tough on yourself and have more difficult conditions to consider any magickal act a success or not. Right now just enjoy you practice and take any chance you get to celebrate a success.

Good luck :slight_smile: