Did you ever have a spell fail and later on were glad that it did?

I felt the need to create a topic about this. Because sometimes, the entities that we call upon for help don’t fulfill our wishes for our own good.

I will start with one experience that happened recently:
I have a loved one that can’t keep their mouth shut. I realized later on that I can’t trust them at all without everyone finding out.
I told them something that was important to me and private and asked them to shut up and not tell anybody. It obviously didn’t work lol.

I decided to do a binding spell on them just in case. I really didn’t want anyone to find out about this because people around here are jealous and competitive and would do anything to drag you down if they could. Trust me, I’m not exagerrating.

So I did the ritual and it didn’t work because when I went to visit them I found out that they immediately shared the information with, like, 5 people. What angered me the most was the fact that they called me just to find out about my results so they could share it with the whole town after I asked them not to. Not cool. We had some fights because of this.

After a month, there was a post in another magick group called "Binding a loved one. Is it a good idea or not?". I just sat down and contemplated the whole situation and realised that if I couldn’t accept my loved ones for who they are, that means that I am too controlling.

Everyone has flaws, nobody is perfect. And this person is old, they can’t do anything about it, their mind doesn’t work that well anymore.

They didn’t share the results because they wanted to hurt me, they were proud of me.
I realised this after they called me and started crying because they were so proud. And I started to feel guilty for the binding spell that I did on them and realised that the entity that I called upon refused to help me for my own good.

Next time, when a spell doesn’t work, ask yourself if there is a lesson behind this. Perhaps the spell didn’t work for your own good.

Feel free to share your experiences! I would love to read them.


Until now I had now problems with things getting not fulfilled and sometimes that BECOMES a problem, be it related to an entity doing its job or being related to a working from out of your own energy (“be careful what you wish for” is not only a corny little quote, after all).

I had to take back curses (my own workings) that weren’t DESIGNED to be called back. And I had to deal with the consequences of stepping into the crossfire of my own doings in the process because of that. Same goes for entitiy related workings; sometimes it works TOO good for its own sake. But it teaches a lot about self control and how you’re wording or planning these things ahead :slight_smile:


I evoked Bune in January for the purpose of moving and finding a new house.

I just got ‘it is not the right time’ I was put out a little as I was eager to move but figured Bune obviously knows best.

We went to Lockdown with Covid a few weeks later and all services got stopped so if we had started the process then, it would have been very stressful and costly.

When it came the right time very recently, things went very smoothly so I am grateful to Bune.


Yes, some spirits actually give you what you ask for even if it’s not a really good thing for you at the moment. Just to teach you a lesson.
And later on you realize that it’s not what you really want and regret it.


Orrrrrr you’ll find yourself negotiating your way out of the given assignment and building workarounds for the estimated impact at hand at the same time :grimacing: Its a lesson, either way :smiley:


Dr Faustus flashbacks
He sold his soul just so he could do magic tricks :slight_smile:

“From this point until the end of the play, although he gains great fame for his powers, Dr. Faustus does nothing worthwhile, having begun his pact with the attitude that he would be able to do anything. Instead, he merely uses his temporary powers for practical jokes and frivolous demonstrations to the nobility. Finally, with his allotted 24 years mostly expired and realizing that he has given up his soul for no good reason, Faustus appears to scholars and warns them that he is damned and will not be long on the Earth. He gives a speech about how he is damned and eventually seems to repent for his deeds.”
Source: Wikipedia


Lol never refer to wikipedia in regards to German literature; this excerpt is bullshit and not what Faust is about.

Faust wanted so much more… He was depressed because Religion didn’t gave him the answers he needed but saved him at his lowest. His father and him also did dark experiments with the villagers during a pandemic and those poor souls actually believed that they tried to save them. He was celebrated as a hero but was innerly disgusted by this.

Faust is an aspiring adept of the black arts and mephistopheles his teacher, they are both highly intellectual and Mephisto shows him that morals and dogmas are bullshit that just restrict your freedom (scene where they full one of Gretchen´s friends). Lies are not as bad as everyone thinks they are because they can prevent harm as well as bring you to your goals.

Faust was a mighty magician. You can see that when he summons the genius of the earth, he turns to the dark side of magick in order to experience new depths and learn how to “create” his own reality. He sought real power which other studies couldn’t provide him with.

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I didn’t read the original text so I can’t really comment;
How did it end though?

There are actually two parts of the book (Faust 1 and Faust 2) so it depends on which one you want to relay but in one version he dies and in the other he is healed by nature. You should read it, it is great and will help you in your development as a magician :slight_smile:


All my love spells.

First one well the girl is extremely religious and if I fucked up she’d put me in a meat grinder. Literally since she’s a butcher.

Second one not really a spell but Astarte helped me dodge a bullet.

Third one also not a spell but more like instructions from deities. The girl ends off being a player. I’d still use a lust spell on her though XD

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More or less. The times I called on Opfaal, angel of deliverance, to deal with my obsession, it worked. For a time. A day, usually. But then it came back in full force.

Now I understand my obsession better. I know that I need it to cope with other things, so Opfaal didn’t take it away because it is a tool. But in the moment it did work, so I think it was the guy’s way of telling me “this runs deeper, do some research”.

All in all, it seems I’ve failed at magick way less than I originally thought.