Did we get the short end of the stick?

EA says that this is the only realm where we can become a god.
Does that include aliens too?
If that is the case, did we get the short end of the stick by becoming human beings?
Many alien races are higher dimensional, so many are able to hear and see spirits without much training?
Is it by sheer misfortune that we incarnated as humans

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The more pain and hard struggle you go through the stronger you get. So I think we got the good end we just have to work harder for it :heart:


Now, that is a whole bunch of rather dubious assumptions.

Do aliens exist? Yes. Statistically, it is impossible for there not to be an alien race somewhere out in the vastness of the universe.

Are they “higher dimensional,” whatever that means? No. The chances are pretty high that they are physical like us, and simply have access to the same types of abilities we do.

I don’t know why people in the “New Age” and even the occult, act like being human is somehow inferior.

Whether it is giving credit for human achievement to “ancient aliens” or it’s your comment that being human is “unfortunate,” it is downright silly and maybe even a bit ignorant to make such assumptions.

Religion teaches us that the physical world is “bad,” and bending your knee to Lucifer or to an alien is on exactly the same level of thinking. They are not above you, or greater than you in any way.

It’s way past time for people to get it out of their heads that being human is somehow a curse, or inadequate. It boggles the mind that so many people in the occult, where the goal is to become more of what we are, to have this idea that they need to be anything but human, as if their problems will suddenly disappear if they were a werewolf or a vampire or possessed super powers, or whatever the current fantasy is.

Maybe try actually becoming fully human, instead of worshipping beings outside of yourself, and thinking you are less than what you are.


I mean personally I don’t agree with anything EA says xD so I can only give my opinion and say no this isn’t the only realm people can become a “god” tho I quote because in my opinion people can only become akin to a titled god.

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Judge the story when it ends. We’re still “a work in progress”… those alien races been in the evolution process for much longer time than humans. I don’t think they just appeared out of nowhere with the abilities they have.

Right now, yeah we have the short end of the stick… but IF we survive much longer, things could change and what we today consider supernatural/spiritual abilities, could become the normal senses and abilities of future generations.

What EA said is his opinion, could be true or false. Like any other opinion. When evidence is provided to support it, then we could believe it’s more than that. On the other hand, he’s right because right now we exist in this realm… or at least most of what we are aware of in ourselves exist in this realm. So technically, it is - mostly - the only realm where we could become Gods. For now.

Another think to keep in mind, that “God” is a title that is usually misunderstood. For me, it describes a state of mind expressed in actions. Like calling someone an “Artist” because he creates art. It doesn’t mean you become “something else” other than being human. As DarkestKnight mentioned.

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