Did tarot reading but got really confused with the cards that turned up

I just had like a weekend fling with a guy. He came to visit me from a different city
didnt feel much chemistry but decided to do a reading
At first I did a spread and it was like this–
Him position- 8 of wands
Me position- Justice
Present- 10 of swords??? (doesnt make much sense to me?
Future- Ace of cups??? (from 10 of swords to ace of cups? wth
External- 6 of pents rx
Nothing bad happened during his stay. We both had a relaxing fun time. But he’s kinda hard to figure out. A bit of a introvert.

Then I did another reading about how he feels about me
these were the cards I pulled out
ace of wands
3 of pentacles
4 of swords
page of cups rx
ace of cups rx

What do you guys think? I literally can’t get whats going on especially with the first one
We are not communicating at the moment. Even before we met up we didnt text much

Eight of wands is fast movement, specifically hasty in this case. You’re moving towards him and you’re like “hey who the hell are you”

Justice? That’s obvious; he’s distancing himself to get a good idea of who you are. Trying to rely on his logic. Which is fine and all, but there’s a judgely aura around him that doesn’t seem like him, because it’s one of his aspects.

10 of wands could either mean that you’re in a really shitty spot or that it’s a “Dead connection”. I can imagine it meaning something else, but you’d have to draw clarifiers

Dunno what external means.

Ace of cups could mean that you’ll start over with him like a “hey lets take a step back who are you”
or it could mean you’ll find someone else entirely, but new love or extremely deep love is somewhere ahead.

As for how he feels?

Kind of a slow moving feeling, unsure rn and still trying to make up his mind in mental interaction aspects, although… he feels like you’re stable? I can’t say this in any other way, like stable in the sense that you can take care of yourself, which is positive for him.

There’s also a sort of curious, magnetic attraction he has towards you. Ace of cups means passion in a romantic sense/newfound interest. It’s new, and fresh, and he’s curious. Although there are tons of layers there, if you can take him at skin deep until he shows you what’s up, you’ll find he can show himself when he has to.

Hi thank you so much it kinda makes sense now
how about this what actions he’s gonna take-
3 of wands
6 of pents
5 of swords rx
the chariot rx
the moon
Is there going to be action at all or he’s just gonna observe

Dont make the mistake of trying to hurry anyone along here, that’s his choice and it should be made when it’s right. Look into what you should do moving forwards and pay it GOOD MIND. I am warning you out of experience. Don’t do anything you’ll regret
Overall, I think observation is his lifestyle. As he observes, he’s still there. That’s him, he’s not exactly planning on holding out forever, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be on dating apps.

i dont understand 6 of pentacles in this, unless this is some sugar relationship (jk jk)

charity is the aspect of 6 of pentacles, and so is neediness and begging. I would draw clarifiers on that cause there are too many options that I cant see.

overall, he’s going to proceed as he has been proceeding, and you are sort of they key here to get him to be sure of himself on this decision. Look into what you should do, or not do, and let things happen. He’s got this mindset about himself of scanning things out, and it’s not gonna be disregarded by him at all, but he is acting right now by the way, he has been acting just in a subdued manner

Amazing! thanks :)) Also yes we met on dating app hahahah

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Heya, OP! Could I ask what tarot deck you used, as well as what you sensed/felt while doing the reading yourself? Because honestly, I’m seeing quite… different interpretations here based on your situation and questions.

Would you mind if I also give a bit of my take on the cards you’ve drawn? Feel free to accept or reject this though if you feel that you have the interpretations you need already.

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Hi I use traditional rider waite. Sure please :slight_smile:

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Alright. First off, you’ve drawn quite a lot of cards for the two other questions. While it’s understandable due to your confusion + attachment to the situation, drawing all those clarifying cards might have caused you further confusion instead. One or two clarifiers for the original card can usually suffice. For example, take a look at the cards you’ve drawn again: have you noticed you had repeating cards? Not to mention they’re both upright and reversed, and the questions were different already as well. This, right off the bat, is telling me that not only are you not listening to your intuition, you may also not be listening to what your deck truly wants to tell you. :slight_smile:

Hence, I’d like for you to use your discernment/intuition here, for this is only an intuitive guess. Take what resonates and discard what doesn’t. Now on to your questions.

The very first thought I got was the word, “tit for tat”. Not in the “revenge!” sense though, but with the Justice card representing you, you might be passively receptive and waiting in this connection. You might be observing and simply reflecting/giving back to him what he would also do. For example: if he contacts you, you also contact him. If he doesn’t, you don’t. If he shows you signs he likes you, you also do it. If he doesn’t, you also pull back and don’t. In fact, I’m getting a mechanical, almost cold energy from your side here. I don’t know if it’s due to you being used to such situations/guys or it’s what you said about not feeling any chemistry, but usually, I feel emotions coming off from people I do readings for, most especially love readings. With you however, it’s a “Meh, I don’t care much. It is what it is, whatever it is” type of vibe. As if you’re unaffected about feeling unaffected emotionally by this person/situation. Now I say “emotionally”, because there might still be a mental connection for you, hence you doing a tarot spread + asking about it here in the forum despite “not feeling any chemistry”. You see, the Justice card is represented by Libra astrologically = air signs are usually about communication, thoughts, ideas… the Swords suit in the deck. You might feel that you’re in sync when it comes to chats, the words he uses when he DOES communicate (not to mention it’s online = also very air element) or just the words (or the lack of it) he used in his profile. Maybe you feel an intellectual fascination/curiosity due to not being able to figure him out/read him as easily as you’ve initially thought. But again, no matter how deeply I try to read your side of things, I’m really feeling no emotional attachment at all. This could also be why you’re represented as Justice: you’re feeling balanced (to the point of neutrality) towards this situation/person in question.

I could see him being the one to usually lead the communication first as the 8 of Wands is usually the “fast communication” card, but it has little to no staying/stable power, especially in situations like this. Notice how the eight wands in the card are unevenly lined up? I could see that as, while communication may come in eager, passionate and even sexual (Wands could also be about that), he may portray elements of inconsistency and inequality to what you want, since you’re the Justice card in this situation. Since Wands could also apply to activity/action, he may also act in ways you perceive as not that fair to what you truly think you want/are looking for. The 8oW could also be a fitting card for a fling in this case, and him being the 8oW means that he might conduct himself in a way that is no more and no less of a “fling” type of partner… that is, being very easy, playful and lighthearted but can’t be seen or contacted randomly afterwards. Honestly, I’m even picking up that his attention span might be scattered into different (online?) people/things he’s passionate about (all those different wands in the air) and his focus is not really much on you or this situation. He doesn’t think of this as much or he may not be as intellectually curious to get to know you more than the random online exchanges/flirtations, unlike you who seem to be thinking about the balance (or wanting to balance) the situation.

The 10 of Swords as the present situation, along with the amount of clarifiers you’ve drawn, is what has given me the idea that you may be the one thinking about him/the situation a bit too much to the point of overanalyzing it to death = hence you not being able to get an intuitive feel of the cards or clearly recognize what the cards seem to be telling you. I could also see the 10oS in this case as the situation between the two of you currently is over: there’s nothing more to be said or communicated, hence the no contact from his side. Everything that has been said and shared both online and when you met, that’s it. No hidden meanings, no “maybe he acts like this but feels another”, no nothing. The sun rising in the background of the dead body in the card also seems to be telling me that it’s (or will be) quite “clear as day”: began as a fling, currently ending as a fling. I want to emphasize the word “currently” though in this one, not to give you false hope but to simply make you aware that you do have the power to change this situation if you want to. Nothing is set in stone, especially with the vibes I’m getting from your reading here (the 10 of swords, while looking bloody brutal, is still of the very fast/changeable air element AND a Minor Arcana hence the ending not being as heavily permanent and slow/gradual in its impact as, say, the Death card).

Future being the Ace of Cups, I immediately got the thought, “Something has got to give”. And it looks like something will later on, as the AoC is an overflowing of emotions. In this context, there may be a welling of emotions regarding this situation: either you or him (or both) may open yourselves up to what you may truly feel about the connection. Now this could be a confession, but keep in mind that it may not be a “love confession” one. Unlike the traditional interps, the AoC does not mean automatically “emotions of love”. The Ace being an ace is only a seed and an undirected flow of all gamut of emotions/Cups: sadness, moodiness, even depression, bliss, etc. All those emotions flowing out of the cup has no proper direction nor control to it, and it looks like in the near future there would be no action taken about it. Furthermore, the fact that you got the AoC which is a lone cup instead of cards featuring two people in it… I honestly feel that this confession/welling of emotions may be done separately by yourselves or inwardly. Perhaps one of you might feel that while it’s sad because there’s potential (Ace), unfortunately you/him may not be in the right space to take that potential seriously. Perhaps one of you might feel that you do like the other, but not in a romantic sense—maybe more of a soft spot/developing fondness for the other, but not so much a deeper connection than that.

From the 10 of Swords to the Ace of Cups, the near future has a small promise of emotional renewal/beginning to start here. However, a seed is just a seed that could die until you decide to truly commit yourself to caring for and looking after it. Again, see how you and the other person do have the power to change this situation depending on where and how you truly want this fling to go? :slight_smile:

The external factor/influences card being the 6 of Pentacles RX further supports my thoughts of “Something has got to give” in this situation. The external influences could be putting this situation at a further imbalance: aside from different cities, perhaps you might have different free times, different love languages, different lifestyles, different statuses/standing in life. Perhaps there are also other people/responsibilities that you prioritize or give your time/attention/efforts first before being able to meet up with each other? This might also explain the scattered energy I’m getting from your man who came up as the 8 of Wands.

Another interp I’m strongly getting that, while this may be an external factor/influences card, is that there may simply be an imbalance in attraction. Pentacles could also come up for purely physical attraction and read with the other cards, you may be attracted to each other but not for the same reasons. For example, this man might be physically and sexually attracted to you, but that’s it. On the other hand, you do not feel that chemistry but instead feel an intellectual/detached attraction based more on talking, getting to know the person, etc. but that’s it. Perhaps his preferences in attraction and all that is also an external influence/factor, since you can’t really control what another person may like or dislike as a potential interest/partner.

The physical and sexual attraction only from his part is further echoed by the cards you’ve drawn for his feelings here:

Ace of Wands + 3 of Pentacles = he does feel a spark of sexual attraction (AoW) and interest, and may admire your physicality/how you carry yourself (3 of Pentacles) but there is nothing more to it at the moment than that. There may be even an admiration of what you do for a living or just how you live your life (3 of Pents), but again, read with the other cards… it’s just so physical-based, you know? I’m sensing at times maybe even superficial. The 4 of Swords seems to repeat again the 8oW interp I sensed from the man in question = him not thinking too much and feeling unbothered about the situation between you. Lastly, the heavy hitters sealing the deal of this interp: both Cups cards coming up reversed. The Page of Cups RX + Ace of Cups RX = quite an obvious sign in this situation that he is not even thinking about love nor in the fitting “heart space” per se to feel any sort of emotions for you aside from attraction. And if he does, I do feel that he may be immature in expressing it and does not really value emotions at the moment. He may be wishy-washy with his emotions and treat/change them way too lightly (for example: flake on promises and declarations of affections, flirting with everyone or flirting with you then suddenly closing up, etc). I wouldn’t call him emotionally unavailable though as honestly, he’s in a genuine “fling” mindset with this one and simply sticking to it, I feel. However, with the AoC being RX, it seems to confirm that the interp I provided above for the upright Ace of Cups as the future is currently leaning more towards him not directing the flow of emotions properly should there be an opportunity to do so in this connection.

I was supposed to interpret your action cards separately, but it seems as if I’ve already included his possible actions here. Would you still like an interpretation of those action cards? Or this interp’s enough and has already provided at least a bit of clarity for you and the situation at hand? :slight_smile:


omg hahahhaa this is spot on af. I really dont feel emotionally attached either. And don’t feel the need to reach out to him. It was a little unusual that’s why I decided to do a reading. Because he’s really good looking and it was nice to have a eye candy that paid for food and drinks for a weekend. But I could say most of the time we were together he bored me a lot lmao he’s a introverted Gemini. And I usually would feel some chemistry with guys i find attractive to but this one for some reason the moment i saw him i felt nothing. even after we had sex and stuff and even tho sex was pretty hot? we didn’t even have much communication before we met up. it was like “Hi you look hot. come visit.” “Sure how about friday night?” “sounds good you pick a restaurant.” and then days later he told me he got a hotel lol So yeah I knew he saw it as a fling and also knew we probably wouldnt talk after.
But yesss please give an interpretation of the action cards im pretty fascinated now hahahhaa
Thank you so much girl <3

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Whoa, no wonder why I’m picking up those disinterested vibes from you. I’m even wondering why I’m not feeling anything at all while reading. I’m glad it resonated but at the same time, I didn’t expect the guy to be that, er, uncommunicative even IRL lol.

I’ll just be updating this thread later with the action card interps, if you don’t mind? :slight_smile:

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yeah that was pretty cool lolll sure take your time :)))) thanks again

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I see no action here so far. If there is, I don’t think it would be equal still nor would it have, again, staying/stable power or impact to it. Aside from the 3 of Wands depicting a person who’s simply watching and waiting for his ships to come in, you have the 6 of Pentacles here which is the only card that could speak of stability (because Pents = earth element), but in this context, he still has himself dividedly giving the effort/time/other resources to other people/things. The 6oP here could also mean that he also measures his actions towards you with an “inner metric system” (the scale the guy in the card is holding): for example, he’s given you enough attention in his opinion with that gesture or gift, now time to pull back and focus giving to other people/situations. Or maybe it’ll be the opposite: he has spent his resources on other people/situations instead and now, time to give you some! But still, not so much that he’d run out for himself (the remaining pentacle above the giving man’s head). He might even engage in “breadcrumbing” you or the situation between you, which you as the Justice card should maintain keen awareness and unbiased recognition of.

Not saying he’s a bad guy, I simply feel as if everything he might do towards this in the near future is very… conditional? I’m picking up no genuine generosity for the sake of the connection nor a desire to give/dedicate himself to a single person/thing (the 6oP imagery of giving to two beggars) at the moment. Also sensing some insensitivity and lack of perspective-taking with you/the situation, as the central figure in the 6oP who’s just giving, giving and giving’s seemingly unbothered by the state of the beggars in front of him.

The 5 of Swords RX + The Chariot RX = further speaks of no action. Usually the 5oS manipulates the situation in order to win/get the upper hand, but here I don’t see any attempt to win or even fight, you know, whether it be for you, for himself or this connection. It’s as if he’s simply letting the online situationship, thoughts, words (those swords on the ground) drop and fall wherever they will (maybe that’s why I’m also sensing that insensitivity?). The Chariot RX not only means inaction, but also contradictory/opposing forces = both of you and your differences, that just can’t be work together towards one common goal: victory. I’m also getting a sense of misdirection and lack of proper control if he does act… which, if you recall, could fit with the Ace of Cups interps provided.

The Moon in this case could mean that he might come from a place of confusion and not knowing what he truly wants, but this just speaks again of inaction to me. Any action here would be either fantasizing or “mooning” over you, but no concrete steps taken about it. I’m also getting that The Moon may also be the deck simply reflecting your confusion back at you and not revealing anything more due to the amount of clarifiers pulled, when the answer was already quite clear with the original cards.

Here you go. Apologies for updating it much later! Had to re-read my previous interp because I usually zone out while doing readings then forget them + wasn’t in “serious mode” anymore when you replied (was already reading other posts and watching memes on the side X) lol, hence me having to tune in again with your spread’s energy.

BTW, I’ve been hearing a song ever since I started interpreting your cards. Since the song is in another language, here’s the English translation instead: Spyair - Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot) lyrics + English translation . Feel free to see if the lyrics resonate with you or the situation at hand. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much <333 this is awesome :slight_smile: I know he’e not a bad guy lol just not my guy hahahaha

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Sooo i have a little follow-up on the situation. but I don’t know how to message you lol

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Thank you for considering to update. Hope you’re doing well so far…? Anyway, will send you a PM now. :slight_smile:

Hi sorry to piggy back if this isn’t allowed but may I pm you for a reading ? That was amazing

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Done .

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First off, thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself as requested.

I will PM you shortly if you’d like, but would you be alright with waiting a bit? There’s still some pending requests before yours because I took a break from doing serious readings during the holidays. :slight_smile:

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Of course !!!

Thank you for responding .

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