Did John Lennon sell his soul to the devil?

This is a very interesting book. I read a few and there are interesting evidence. Lennon in 1962 on one session told Tony Sheridan that the Beatles would be a greatest band. Because he sell his soul. The book says it was on 20 years. It looks like he maybe made a pact with Lucifuge Rofocale according to the grand grimoire of the ritual. Interesting is part where his murderer Mark Chapman talks about the voices he heard in his head saying to kill Lennon. They then went to him to jail, Bore the Bible and was obsessed with a demon called Dobar.He yeled some strange voices in his prison and etc.Who knows. I believe that Lennon has concluded some infernal pact.


The soul is a piece of the divine, limitless and untouchable,
its pretty much your essence, what you are.

Noone wants to buy or sell it. -And, you can’t

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Yes i know it :slight_smile: But some kind of sacrifice he had to do in his life because he was shot after twenty years of his pact

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You say it yourself: a pact.
~Which leads to/asks for a certain devotion, offerings and shit.

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How’s your evocation study going right now?