Did I see a Spirit/Ghost/Demon last night?

I was awoken last night to see a figure standing right next to my bed. I got up to see if I was dreaming, and I was not. He was dressed in 16-18th century style of clothing and was presented with wearing yellow uniform, making him seem golden. I was trembled with absolute fear, and once I stood up and stared into this ‘spirit’ I then started laughing manicly out loud, like I was losing a sense of sanity when I looked upon this spirit. It was quite scary to be honest.

After I awoke this morning, the only demon I could pinpoint would be ‘Barbatos’ as he has similar features as to what this spirit, ghost or demon was. I’ve never worked with such spirit, and it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a demon, it was quite exhilarating.

Anyone else have any similar stories?
Or to what this spirit may have been?

Nope. I would’ve asked why they were wearing such old clothes though and offered them something more modern and comfortable.


But once I gazed upon this spirit, I uncontrollably starting laughing. I lost control of my senses until it disappeared, then I looked… saw it had gone, and was left terrified.

Why were you terrified? I would’ve been terrified if it was a human.

I couldn’t control my senses? Have you seen a spirit materialise infront of you? In my readings, these spirits have the power to do this to people…

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Fair enough, I was just wondering if physical manifestations is something you don’t want.

I had something wierd happen last night. Felt fear actually seeing it. Now this morning wondering if it was my imagination or something I should have paid attention to. Can’t think what it was. Saw something tho.


It’s something I’ve experienced before, but this time I couldn’t control my senses, which is alarming. I didn’t feel the spirit was hostile, yet I still seized up.

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What I mean is Idk if was ghost/spirit/demon/alien/angel/my imagination etc

Either :woman_shrugging:

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You could start doing the LBRP, or Sword Banishing before bed. I’d probably try to connect to it though to clarify what it wanted first though because I’m a curious person like that.


I toyed with it myself last night if I should banish it

Then I decided I didn’t know what it was or if I wanted to really

Fear meant I hoped I didn’t see it again

But just finding this post interesting as kinda similar occurred - didn’t look like yours OP

In the end I fell asleep and remain puzzled

Hoped it would show in dream with more clues

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I would’ve too. I would also try to determine was it the spirit itself that scared me… or was it just the startle response of something unexpected happening. Very different things.

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Yeah exactly

First response was fear

Then I started pondering that I had no idea what its purpose was

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Only thing I have this morning is I didn’t sense what it was

It’s positioning was kinda like it was looking for or needed something

It looked young and had its arms up like a young child does to be picked up - or hasthasana yoga pose

Could simply even have been my imagination tho, only thing making me go nah not imagining it was I was awake focused on something else and it sorta dropped in like something playing boo :sweat_smile: and startled me hugely

Very wierd

Hold on… my similarity to yours @Ronove was mine had like I think a yellow top or garment on

This is wierd

Interesting, yeah when you see a spirit like this manifest sometimes the mind has trouble remembering the details. I just wish I had a name…

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Yep. I wish I knew what mine was!

Normally I immediately sense what energy is

This I didn’t at all… to the point I’m still quizzing if it was my imagination even tho it was more of a physical manifestation than I am used to

And then there is me, having visits during the night quite often. I got one last night, and I am so used to it that I just said “Can you come back later please ?” like, let me sleep please :joy:


I think I would have probably felt the same… if I could sense what this was!!

Just was different to anything usual

Haven’t had a similar experience but hear me out: you could have been in an OOBE/AP state. Doesn’t make the apparition any less meaningful, but often when I leave my body I have trouble differentiating between projection and reality because I emerge in a space identical to my physical bedroom.

Just noting this because imo it’s far easier for a spirit to appear in the astral/dreamscape than a full spontaneous apparition irl.

Next time it happens try talking to it.