Did I make contact properly?

Hi everyone! I’m brand new and I just performed my first evocation maybe an hour ago. I attempted to evoke Dantalion. I had a petition and requested him to help me with a love situation.

I lit a green candle and a purple candle, had my petition written down. I drew his sigil and chanted his enn as I gazed at the sigil. I didn’t really feel anything but after about five minutes of this I presented my offering to him and read out my petition nine times, then I burnt the petition. I felt a bit dizzy afterwards and now I feel very tired and I have a headache. Did I make proper contact? How can I know if he agrees to help me?

Also, any tips on what I can do better for my next evocation?

@lily77 congratulations on your first. Well done. It sounds like you did quite well.
I have found that following the Koetting system of total immersion in the subject really helps. In you case for example I would spend days researching and learning about Dantalion. Draw out the sigil. Meditate on it. Put it under my pillow to possibly get some demonic dreams etc. I recommend you read Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting.

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Thank you for the tips!! I’ll definitely be doing these!