Did I just

A few minutes ago, I was feeding off of a family member a room away. Three simple intakes of energy to feed my servitor.

I practice my Soul Travelling, and enter the room, but I find it dark.

So I think, huh, let’s go see what’s in the room.

Just as I’m about to check on the family member I fed on, she opens the door. Her nose is gushing blood.

It stopped now, but she said that she hadn’t even been doing anything, it just hit her.

My question: Could I have done that to her?

Bloody hell!

Yeah, right?

If I really was the cause of that, then I’ve developed much faster than I thought I was. I mean, last night I fed to make sure a family member needed to sleep longer- late- to gain energy. This family member woke up three hours later!

Today, I was sitting in one of my classes and decided to feed on the chap in front of me. I had him groggy, snapping, and generally unresponsive in about half a dozen feedings!