Did I just make Goofer dust without even realizing it?

Years ago, when i was like 13, i remember reading this odd book sbout psykinetics or some such jargon. One of the things in the book was a powder concoction that was suposed to be very powerful. The idea has stuck with me for 35 years, and yeaterday I decided to make my own version of the powder
The origininal in the book was Sand, Salt, and Sulphur.
Well, i had a spending spree at my local pagan shop and ended up with quite an array of supplies.

Earlier that day, i went to my local graveyard and my favorite grave of a world war 1 vet, placed a coin on his grave and took some dirt from under the headstone. Left a flower and sprinkling offer of water and placed a other coin on the gateway upon exiting.

So, i added together, solomons seal, sulphur powder, black salt, dead sea salt, dragons blood resin, this graveyard dirt and some kosher rock salt and some john the conqueror as well.

Just thinking about it and wondering if itd be considered goofer dust?

Ive read up on it and some people say to add snake skin to the mixture. , well i have some died out rattlesnake rattles that were killed and given to me by this very same ex bf lol…wonder if I should fround them ul and add to the mixture?

So strange that i had the overwhelming urge to make it.
Been feeling the call strongly of Legba and as well ever since my terrible break up with my bf 2 weeks ago.
I attempted to send an intranquil to him as well, i dont really want his return, I just want him to suffer like he made me suffer for months worrying about our status.
The guys a covert narcissist as well.
Anyways, curious on opinions on my goofer? Dust


I wouldn’t call it goofer dust per sé, it’s like a base. Goofer dust traditionally has poisonous things in it that can cause death hence the origin of the name for the dust being from the Bantu word ‘kufa’ which means ‘to die’.


Interesting. So like Monks Hood, Foxglove, Belladonna, Cinnabar stone and the like?

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Yes. Poisonous flowers. Poisonous insects. Things that bite, sting, excrete poisons fluids; all fair game for goofer dust. Even once seen a lady use poisonous puffer fish. There isn’t really a set recipe because the practice goofer dust came from was about adapting so, pretty much anything of nature in that immediate enviroment that causes death/illness can be used :slight_smile:


Hmm, very interesting. Thank you for this tidbit of information.

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You’re welcome

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