Did I get it right?

Hi all,

I pretty new to this so Im actually not sure if I did it right. I appreciate if anyone could give me some guidance.

So yesterday I tried to evoke Duke Sallos, I read through quite a bit and did this. I lighted a red candle (not sure if its necessary), draw the sigil of Sallos on a paper, and used to the steps of EA Koetting, like gazing at the sigil. I wrote a petition beside it stating my request.
As I gaze, I saw some light blue light flowing upwards on the sigil, but it didnt become like 3D like, like mentioned by EA Koetting.
I left the sigil and petition aside for a while and burn it after a while. Did I did this wrong? Did I manage to contact Sallos? Should I do a penny divination?
I know I should be confident, but I just needed some guidance.

Also, how many spirits/entities can I evoke maximum?


Do you mean all at once? It all depends on your experience, as there is no maximum limit.

If you mean for one task, one is usually enough, unless it is a long term goal with many smaller goals leading up to it. Then you can stack the magick.

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