Did I experience/feel a spirit next to my face/ear?

Hi, my name is Ellie. I have introduced myself in the members forum. I’ve recently experience something that I need some help understanding.

A few weeks ago, I had a ritual cast on my behalf which involved an entity being call upon to help me with a request. This was cast by a very experienced and amazing person who was happy to help me.

I have no experience on casting or rituals etc.
We agreed the day of the ritual and I carried on as normal with my day. I went to work, came home, had my dinner and fell asleep.

I woke up around 4am to use the toilet and checked my phone. I received message to say everything was done.

As I was walking back to my bed, I felt an energy stood outside my bedroom door. And I could hear a distinctive noise that sounded like wind. It howled at me. But all my windows were shut and the sound was inside not outside the window.

I got into my bed and immediately, I felt this wind air like presence stood about a metre away at my door that rushed straight towards me. I couldn’t see anything. But I felt a heavy surge force of air blow into my left ear and it disappeared. I could feel the ear drum vibrating for a while after. I got scared, hid under my covers and eventually fell asleep.

Nothing has happened since then, nor have I felt anything around me. Life is normal and good. I’m happy and healthy but this experience was a bit scary.

Does anyone know what this was? Ellie :slight_smile:


It is an amazing set of signs both telepathic and physical. The signs you received indicates that a spirit of the east, a spirit of air has acceded to your requests whatever they may be.

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That is great to hear. I did find it quite scary at the time, hence I just hid under my covers and closed my eyes really tight- it frighten me. I could feel my left ear drum vibrating for a while after this.

Do I need to do anything to say thank you? I didn’t take part in the ritual in person but I’m nevertheless very much grateful.

Also, things have been very much normal and I’m happy. A few days after this, I experienced dull pains in my leg/knee for a few hours that I haven’t felt before. I’m generally quite healthy. Is this normal after a ritual?

@Ellie-k I have conducted many rituals calling upon spirits of the East, spirits of Air. I have received identicsl signs of cold air being blown at my face. In particular when a spirit wants to make contact or perhaps when a spirit acceded to a request. Your ear vibrating has seversl meanings most importantly that you understand the signs you are receiving aren’t your imagination but real physical signs of accedance.

I conducted a ritual once where i asked for a sign, it was during an electrical storm, calling upon the spirits of the Air and Wind. One of my windows blew open, even though I had previously locked the windows.

Your thanks aren’t needed as you personally did not conduct the ritual. It is a series of dramatic signs that the ritual was completed and acceded too but by another party performing the ritual.

The knee pain might be the ritual was performed by another party on your behalf the Deity (Asmodeus?) was unhappy about performing someone else’s requests and would prefer you to perform your own rituals and requests.

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Yes, it makes sense. I received the message that the ritual had been completed and soon after that, literally within half hour, I felt this air presence so everything is a lot clearer now!

Thank you for all your help. :smile:

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