Did I do my honey jar spell wrong?

Hey everyone

I just watched a video on another post here on the forum, & it got me thinking…

A little over a month ago, I did a honey jar spell, & have been keeping up with it every Monday, Wenesday, & Friday. It seemed to have been working for some time but It doesn’t seem too be anymore

But I’ve still been keeping up with it anyways believing it will work again.

The tutorial I watched about the honey jar spell said to use a piece of a brown paper bag, hair from her & I, & herbs.

I used regular computer paper, a picture of her & I since I don’t have a strand of her hair, & 3 different
pieces of incent sticks.

I have the bewitching oil, & red candles…but should I redo the spell with the correct paper, & herbs??

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No you don’t have to follow spells exactly. It’s ok to use what you have. It’s actually best to look up a couple of spells then come up with one on your own. Trust yourself and put what you feel needs to go in it. Everyone’s situation is different. I also haven’t heard about keeping up with it before. My mom always said leave it alone and forget about it. She used to bury hers but like I said there’s different ways of going about it.


that title honey jar spell., reminds me of pooh bear holding his jar and wishing honey fill up his jar. haha. he keeps looking for honey inside. image :laughing:


Lol! That’s hilarious.

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Thank you!!

I just don’t feel the power from it much anymore which is what’s throwing me off you know what I mean??

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Yes I understand completely. They seem to have worn off but when you least expect it things kick back up. I’ve also have some friends that put there’s in the freezer.

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I think I’m going to light my candle tomorrow with the bewitching oil on it, & then hide it, & forget about it like your mom did. You’re giving me good ideas here lol!!

When I read that

I felt an aura around me…a really positive one

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Lol! Glad to help! It’ll get better.

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Thank you!! It’s much appreciated

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Learn from pooh he’s wise. So is eeyore the donkey. =o)