Did a reading and need help with interpretation

SO im currently in a relationship I just have a crush on this dude lol (not gonna explain much but im not cheating) and he knows im in a relationship.
i asked what this guy thinks about me/what are his thoughts about me and got these cards

Overall pretty positive but I wonder why king of cups is reversed
Do you guys think the vibe is more platonic?

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hi !

to me the chariots represents a strong a surge of energy, it seems to go toward a soul connection, so your crush is legit, your energies recognise his,

However it doesnt seem like anything will happen in the upcoming days -short term

i don’t know how you did the spread but it seems like he is single and established but not open to having feeling with anyone for the moment

as for the “feeling” i get of him out of the reading, he is a flirt, a good catch for a ons and testing his charms but i won’t go further - universe testing your relationship/ run it’s a trap!

and by the way , you should not read for your self, the reading will always be biased and you’ll read what you want to hear, you’re not out of perspective.

and you boyfriend is so nice with you, what do you want? a bad boy? you are looking for challenges and problems? lol

haha thanks. Yes my boyfriend and i are on good terms I just have a lot of doubts and I’m not 100% sure about him so I like to keep my options open. You are probably accurate about this guy being single and established. He does seem like a person who’s more career focused at the moment.
I know its hard to read for myself which is why i posted loll Thanks for the insight tho!

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That is indeed something but even in a relationship you feel alone and you will choose to continue being in the same context and not giving that new person a chance. The actual relationship gives you the material stability you need and that’s why you Stick to that without trying something new.